Ao no Exorcist 04 – 06…and a RANDOM UPDATE of sorts.

AnE fanart 2

A new environment means new interactions and a new school means new friends…as well as new enemies here and there. What will become of Rin’s dramatic life?



It's like seeing another of my self.

Yup, I’m totally back on track. I won’t make any excuses – I’ve been gaming and studying when ever and where ever possible. No, seriously. I’ve underestimated my parents; they’ve decided to ruin my weekend paradise, and by paradise I mean “I DO NOT DO HOMEWORK OVER THE WEEKENDS (save for last minute assignments)”. I thought I ought to inform our TOB fans and staff that I’ll be schooling every single day from now onwards, weekend included. So don’t be surprised when I suddenly go ‘poof’ and become impossible to find – heck I doubt anyone is by now. It’s fairly obvious that the ones – and only ones – who are running the blog are Lustri and Sakura (at this point in time). Cheers for the two and sigh. I wonder whatever will become of the team.

But back to Ao no Exorcist. No summary/ episodic synopsis this time round as you would’ve noticed by the lack of the picture spam. With the little time and mental capability I’m left with (i.e. my brain is fried due to a day’s worth of work and English), I really can’t be f-ed. And really, my summaries have become nothing but excerpts from Wikipedia – I’m far too lazy and it’s clearly evident in my lack of posting. That and because three episodes in one is way too much. Think of all the pictures! Oh god.

Hence I’ve resorted to the classic title + thoughts + a hell lot less of pictures. Yup, much better. OK, OK. So I ought to get straight to the point – this is AFTERTHOUGHTS, afterthoughts. Right.




I’m quite content with how the story is progressing so far. There’s a decent share of action alongside the series’ comedy and fillers. Yes, there are fillers. Sort of (would episode six count?). I’m still waiting, however, for the butt-kicking, hardcore action to appear and am praying that A-1 Pictures won’t disappoint me when the time comes.

One of my favourite scenes.

One of the best scenes of the series.

I’m also not all that fond of the female characters introduced so far and am well aware that there’s more, and perhaps better, to come. But even so, I don’t particularly like the ones that we have as of yet, take for example, Shiemi and Izumo. Indeed Shiemi is cute, but she lacks the strength and determination, to make her character an intriguing and innovative one (I have the feeling that episode seven will prove me otherwise however). I guess its cause I find her too…naïve, I suppose? I’m unable to pinpoint her character type. As for Izumo, she seems way too pompous – a potential bitch in other words – for my tastes. But there’s always room for improvement as we’ll most likely witness overtime, the development of the two’s personas, for the better or the worst.


Quite the high horse she rides...

Woah. Someone's sitting on a high horse.

Then there’s Mephisto, the Millennium Earl Version 2.0! His demonic background has been revealed at last…within the first six episodes. Was it surprising? Perhaps it would have been had I not gone ahead with Wikipedia. Haha, there goes my curiosity again. But I was pretty shocked by Amaimon’s appearance. I was expecting him to be more…good looking, i.e. better character design. It’s…it’s like Mephisto gone wrong. His sloppy eyes and green hair are not to my favour.




And then there’s Rin’s relationship to Mephisto. It would appear that the two are related after all! I’m assuming Mephisto is the eldest of Satan’s son, judging from his attitude in episode five? If not, let’s hope for a better one (though I doubt anyone can be as interesting as Mephisto in AoE).

Episode 7 and 8 are already out. I shall be off for now, and will hopefully get around DW and Kaminomi sometime soon.

Oh no! I'm melting at the cuteness!

AGAIN?! I'm melting at the cuteness!

– Serenata


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5 Responses to Ao no Exorcist 04 – 06…and a RANDOM UPDATE of sorts.

  1. Lustri says:

    Episode 7 does see some improvements in regards to the female characters. Honestly, episode 6 felt not so much filler-ish as almost a parody of traditional shounen. I was happy to at least get some laughs from it. It’s not as good as it started out, because the whole academy situation is kind of dragging. I’m hoping it starts picking up with some good action. *crosses fingers*

  2. baka-neko says:

    Rin~ ♥
    True that, but you can’t really blame her, Shiemi hasn’t been using her legs for .. well as soon as her grandma died so she obviously would be weak and plus, she doesn’t realize that her actions seem to be a bit strange to others.
    Eyebrows (its a better nickname than Izumo), well shes like those “I’m so popular that i can choose my own friends (only cause I have one anyway)”
    This is shameful. Such hot guys there and not a single pretty girl. No wonder Yukio takes no interest in them. As for his brother, Rin has low standards.

    Memphisto? Satan’s eldest? O_o
    I find that hard to believe. He is from Gehenna but even as Satan says, he’s too powerful to possess bodies of those in Assiah. I’m pretty sure that Rin’s demonic powers are just sealed inside his sword and as soon as he draws it, he turns blue and .. demon-y?


  3. tomphile says:

    I have to wonder, what in the world are those mameshiba toy things?

    Anyways, seems like Mephisto Pheles has something up his sleeve.

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