FAN ART #4: Okumura Rin [Ao no Exorcist]

Well, as you all know, the mega hit this season seems to be 青のエクソシスト (Ao no Exorcist). Coincidentally, my friend just happened to email me fanart on said anime…and yet again, I rambled on and on, asking for permission…^_^;;

*sees drawing*
“Can I post…it? Can I post it? Can I? Can I?!”
Yo-chan: U-u
“I CAN? REALLY? ありがとう ございます*”
Yo-chan: -h…

So please allow me to present Tomimura Yoko-chan’s latest drawing: Okumura RIN!

You most likely wouldn’t have heard of her, but still please take the courtesy to leave her tag on her drawing if ever: re-posting, blogging, for keepsake, etc.

Of course, all credits go to Alexandra (Yoko) Tomimura ^o^

*T/N: Thankyou very much!



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5 Responses to FAN ART #4: Okumura Rin [Ao no Exorcist]

  1. Anonymous says:

    wow this is soo good :D

  2. Yo-chan says:

    hehehe … can you see the mameshiba on the back of the page ?? ^_^

    • baka-neko says:

      USO DA YO!
      Jokes, yeah if i tilt my screen a bit. its says – hiba on rins shoulder and some random mameshiba’s on his left.

  3. IT’S RIN ;D! Nice.

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