Starry Sky Ep 21+22 (Scorpio I+II)

If he had glasses, I would fall heads over heels for him…LOL, jks ;D

Episode Summary:

Episode 21 (Scorpio I)

Ryuunosuke is, for lack of a better description, independent. Before he joined the Archery Club, Ryuunosuke was a soccer player.

Lol, my dad wanted me to become a soccer player for that "team spirit" stuff...

He eventually found out that team sports weren’t his forte and instead decided to take part in archery, believing that it was an individual sport. Besides Ryuunosuke, Tsukiko and Inukai join the Archery Club as well.

After a hard day of practice, Ryuunosuke notices that Tsukiko’s… tired. Ryuunosuke and Inukai ask for a day off and Homare agrees.

I can imagine my swimming coach saying "WTF, IN YOUR DREAMS!!"

Ryuunosuke believes that archery is an individual sport. However, there is a team competition. Even if Ryuunosuke, I’m sorry to say, FAILS at team play, his teammates (Tsukiko, Inukai, Shiratori, Homare) make up for it.

Episode 22 (Scorpio II)

Inter-High archery competitions are coming up and the senpais are being A**HOLES stubborn. They believe that they cannot win and decide to not even TRY. However, Ryuunosuke talks some sense into them.

At the competition, the team loses but they’re all gung-ho about it. After the competition, Ryuunosuke and Tsukiko are having a competition of their own. They plan to work harder due to their loss and label each other as “rivals”.

The Archery Club soon recruits more members, including Koguma Shinya (one of the “Baka” trio) and Azusa Kinose (Tsubasa’s childhood friend). Seigetsu Academy’s Archery Club then proceeded to win other national competitions.

From left to right: Ryuunosuke, Shiratori, Koguma, Homare, Azusa, Inukai, Naoshi

One day, Ryuunosuke tells Tsukiko that their rivalry has ended in a tie. Next year, they’ll fight again and continue their “rivalry.” Ryuunoskue then admits that his rivalry turned into love~


Ryuunosuke is a rather… bland person. His personality and looks are okay, but… that’s all there is to it. His “background problem” (i.e. Iku’s sister, Kanata’s illness) is just his teamwork problems. Ryuunosuke would be a love interest that I would forget within an hour after watching the episodes. At the same time, LOL, I find that my personality is a touch similar to his. I hate team sports and lazy ” I CAN’T WIN” people… Does that mean I’m also bland? Probably…

Another thing I wonder about is if there will ever be a… second season. I know, some people are already emofagging about how horrible the anime was and how the original otome games were so much better blahblahblah. I admit that I mostly stuck around for Iku *^^*. The others aren’t THAT bad. It would be cute if there was another season for the After seasons…

*nosebleed* o.o

Awwww, he blushing~


*nosebleed* TIMES TWO >:D

Awesome romantic moment...

...that got ruined by the BAKA trio...


~~They got married~~

Stalker info about the Baka Trio

Ryuunoskue's older brother

Ryuunosuke's younger brother

Next Episode Preview:

“Sagittarius I+II”

The next love interest is Azusa Kinose, another member of the Archery Club, childhood friend of Tsubasa, and the last love interest of the original Starry Sky games. This makes me wonder why Azusa was featured last… I thought that the love interests would follow the game order (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter). However, the anime followed the constellations/birthdays instead. Ah well…

Btw, nice hair...




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2 Responses to Starry Sky Ep 21+22 (Scorpio I+II)

  1. Lustri says:

    I think, in part, the biggest problem is that this is Studio Deen. I think people expected better (or not, since many hated Hakuouki). Not two episode shorts per character. They haven’t been terrible, but certainly not the quality of the VNs, though that’s a given. It can be annoying for people to compare adaptions in some scenarios, but I think the anime is easier to understand if you have played the VNs. I’ve only played Spring, though. I can say the VN, seeing as it took me at least 10 hours for a single playthrough, had much more indepth material and the eyecandy was better. Can’t get very in depth in two 11 minute episodes. :(

  2. Eiri says:

    I would love if the anime adaptation could be like Amagami SS. I feel bad for the guys that r not picked and I love most of them. Miyaji is like England-san so he’s one of my favorites.

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