Steins;Gate 11// The popular scientific magazine: Sciency.

Wait a minute. Red hair? Blue eyes? Oh dear.

The insanity of Okabe Rintarou only grows and grows as the show progresses. His mad scientist spiel is no longer so mad. Not to mention the dimensions of his cell phone. Think of how fat that thing is if it covers a grown man’s palm.

For all those who do not follow the show, have no fear as I believe that I can summarize it in a scant few sentences. Okabe Rintarou has created a machine that allows people to send text messages into the past. While fiddling around with these, and falling to the whims of his friends and others, he alters the past drastically. He is the only one who can remember. Akihabara is not a moe paradise and his cute MALE friend is now a cute GIRL friend. Certain items of interest have vanished as well. Relationships do not change over time lines but the state of their interaction has.

The Sciency is a most reputable magazine hailing some the most advanced and devilishly devised inventions and papers. The title of this particular editions makes my bristles stand taut: “Cut­ting edge of brain science. Mak­ing the memory data is possible.” I’m sure that these neurologists are da best at dem brain science.

Anyways, my snide comments and nitpicking aside. Kurisu-chan has found a away to compress a human being into a 36 byte data file in order to send them to the past. Memory data! As stupid as this may sound, it does make a lot of sense. Okabe believes that he is immune to the effects of the time lines shifting. However, he cannot be time travelling over these lines or his body would turn into jelly. A more suitable and understandable explanation would be that his memories are carrying over and replacing those in a different line. Interesting.

Part-time warrior! Everything changes at her utterance.

Moving onto the next topic of interest. The good part-time warrior had uttered that Makise Kurisu is actually a spy of SERN, the juggernaut of time travelling and the apparent antagonist to Okabe’s group.

Now this is a topic that can be disputed. Okabe does not believe this at all however in the first episode, Kurisu dies. Shortly after that, time shifts and she is no longer dead. Part-time Warrior is an enigma at this point. She says that her father is John Titor, the man who first stated that he was a time traveller. Not only this but she is extremely suspicious and incredibly athletic and knows a lot about the subject matter of Okabe’s machines. I’m not going to rule out that Kurisu isn’t a spy or that she is a spy. Both are valid possibilities. What I am going to question is why would Part-time Warrior lie and why would Kurisu lie?

My own theory would point to the time lines. This is speculation but with all the swapping of time lines, who’s to say that deaths cannot be changed. Who’s to say that Kurisu was not saved by a D-Mail. Who’s the say that if Kurisu had not joined up with Okabe to work on the Phone Microwave, she would have joined SERN. If John Titor, Part-timer’s father, could time travel himself, what would restrain his daughter from doing so as well?

Disregarding all the bollocks that I said above, this text piques the curiosity. Who sent it and why? It could be SERN or John Titor or Part-time Warrior or even an unknown. The picture that was attached is of a doll who has red hair and pale eyes. It looks remarkably like Kurisu and the doll is covered in blood. This is something that even I can predict. Someone wants to shut them up because as the text says “[They] know too much”.

This will all be resolved in the next episode and I will appear to be an imbecile. Great.

Kurisu has daddy issues. She's smarter than him and he's a bit jelly.

– Jacqivarius


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