[Finale] [C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control/ A future bought.

The ending to one of the more enjoyable series of this season. It’s a shame that they couldn’t flesh out the story more, I believe it could have been much better. I’ll be missing Masakaki’s smile.

Not this guy's though. His smile is just disturbing.

I’m going to assume that people have been keeping up with this particular series. If not, well… the future is being traded away in exchange for a more stable present. Our protagonist believes that isn’t the just way to do things and wants to look forward to a future no matter how depressing it may be. That’s the gist of it.

If there is one thing to be said for the series it’s that the idea is very well thought out. Even if it wasn’t executed in a manner that would please me, it’s still a creative story. I mean the future being used as a mortgage is fairly out there. The whole Financial District and duelling others to gain a mystical demon currency that can be used in the real world is also pretty darn cool. Hyper inflating the economy to make the Financial District worthless was superb! There is nothing wrong with the idea in the least but only the idea. What I felt was missing was action, decisive action and drama.

Sure, there was fighting and it was flashy but what ultimately happened was one half of an episode dedicated to Msyu using a super powerful move and then the other is filled with still head shots of people talking. And then it would be Kimimaro being an angst filled teenager or attempting to not brutally defeat his opponent and then more still head shots. I wish that the plot was embellished in a way that truly displays how horrid or wonderful the Financial District is. There could have been a plethora of locations where fights or small unsupervised skirmishes could occur in the District but that never happened. The Entrepreneurs were much too tame for my liking. Where’s the greed? Where the avarice that brought them all to the Distric?! I want fights and antagonists and more Assets. There were only a handful of Assets shown and each only had a scant two or three abilities.

Please, progress the plot through short bits dialogue while fighting a giant ogre or exploring the streets of a magical city not by sitting around and eating noodles! That’s for when they lose or a calm before the storm. Instead, they built up and built up the suspense for several episodes which erupted into nothing more than a disappointing final battle and denouement. RAGE

Masakaki is still an awesome character though. He's so greedy and I love it.

In terms of the art direction, I enjoyed it. It’s edgy and a bit modern but that suits the atmosphere that is trying to be cast. The blocky pop-ups denoting an Asset speaking or other commentary is nice. It’s alien to the human eye. There really isn’t much more to be said. It’s not on the level of Mushishi or Madoka but it’s not horrible by any stretch. Average to slightly above average. There was this weird 3D thing going on during the first episodes though. I don’t know what that was about but it took me away from the immersion. Strange.

The fights and their abilities were neat and showcased the style very well. The direct abilities as well as some of the Asset’s abilities were awesome. It’s fast past without them shouting ability names or talking for long periods of time. Just slash and fight and explosions at a rapid pace. However, this made them short. Too short. Their money pool was never taken into consideration as they seem to flaunt 50 million yen worth of abilities left and right without much variation in their strength. Mysu did that in the first episode even though Kimimaro was a poor laggard. Those floaty eye things that displayed their total funds could have been utilized in an intuitive way to show that they really were bleeding money or gaining money. Again, just average.


What [C] ultimately turned into was a lackluster anime to which I am disappointed in. I had high expectations because the idea was so bloody amazing. If they had a couple more episodes then I think that it could have been much better. The visual style, had it been further emphasized, would have been one of the best of the season. Had the actions scenes been longer and carefully thought out, they could have been infinitely cooler. The plot and pacing were acceptable but again, could have been better.

The anime is good. No more than that. It’s plagued with things that with time, would have been ironed out. I feel that it was rushed out. It clung onto the fact that the idea was great but took no steps to bring all the other aspects up to par and because of this, it turned out to be incredibly average. The ending was simply disappointing.

Devoid of passion, [C] fell short of being a top notch anime. I hope that they revisit this one sometime soon.

Oh noes, the money is not real anymore. Hyper inflation.



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