Black★Rock Shooter: THE GAME – A PSP RPG/Third-Person Shooter

While I’ve yet to finish FFXII – my game of the month – and am waiting for more (ahem, whatever happened to Versus?), “Black★Rock Shooter: THE GAME” is undoubtedly on the list. That’s right – the game, the only and only. Scheduled for release on 25th August 2011, here’s a sneak peak as to what’s to come:


The game is set in 2051; where 19 years ago Seven Apostles from another planet sent in their army of mechs to annihilate all those living on Earth. The 12 survivors that still remain will rise up and strike back against those invaders.


Animated opening by ufotable:

As awesome as it seems, I’m praying for the love of whatever is out there that these sneak peeks won’t lead to our dismay when the game turns out to be worse than we had expected. I for one disliked the anime adaptation; the plot was a major disappointment and I’m begging that the game will somehow prove otherwise (like I always do to anything that seems almost life-changing).

As for overseas releases, that will be dealt with by NIS America (whose been known for their Disgaea sales). That, of course, includes English translations. But before then, we’ll all be stuck waiting.

– Serenata


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2 Responses to Black★Rock Shooter: THE GAME – A PSP RPG/Third-Person Shooter

  1. baka-neko says:

    Whens it gunna be released D:

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