Gosick Ep 16-21: Victorique and Cordelia

We return to the mysteries of the Ministry of the Occult and find out more on the history of Victorique’s birth.

We also return to Mr. Pointy Head's random antics to try to be smart

Episode Summaries:

Episode 16 (The Felling Maria Has a Fly’s Head)

Victorique is taken to Beelzebub’s Skull to lure out a certain “person” and Kujou goes after her. There, he finds a woman who bears a striking resemblance to Victorique. The mysterious Victorique look-a-like leads him to Victorique’s prison and there Kujou is able to free her. When mentioning the mysterious woman, Victorique states that the woman is possibly her mother, Cordelia Gallo.

I see the resemblance O_O

Episode 17 (The Box Lies in the Spiral Labyrinth)

After rescuing Victorique, the pair go to the festival being held. However, they are separated by a fog. Victorique encounters Brian Roscoe who tells Victorique that he plans to stop her father and his plans. Meanwhile, Kujou coincidentally bumps into Cordelia Gallo who was snooping around and looking for an unknown “box”. When Kujou questions Cordelia’s devotion to her daughter, Cordelia gives a ring and tells him to give Victorique a message.

Cordelia's ring

The message

With a few extra words of love ^^

Kujou and Victorique meet up again and they leave Beelzebub’s Skull through train. Soon revealed that Victorique was taken there in order to lure out Brian Roscoe and Cordelia Gallo.

Episode 18 (The Jet-Black Train Carries Several Lies)

During the train ride home, Victorique and Kujou meet four other passengers departing from Beelzebub’s Skull. Their newly made friends turn out to be part of the Ministry of Science and St. Marguerite Academy. While one is murdered and thrown off of the train, another is poisoned by a member of the Ministry of the Occult whom happens to be planning on stealing a memento box (as mentioned from the previous episode). Before the poisoned one dies, she states that the train will blow up along with the box itself. Victorique and Kujou shoot down the bomb and they return home safely.

FAN SERVICE! Victorique in Maid's Outfit

Episode 19 (The Rose-Colored Life is Covered in New Snow)

Victorique’s birthday (somehow coincidentally on Christmas) is coming up and Kujou goes to the capital to buy her a birthday present. The history of Cordelia Gallo and the birth of Victorique is then shown. Apparently, Cordelia was working her living as a dancer and she was often visited by Brian Roscoe. However, one night, she catches the attention of Albert de Blois, who knew that Cordelia is a Gray Wolf.


That night, she was (please mind my frankness) raped and eventually gave birth to Victorique on Christmas day. Cordelia was then dumped to an insane asylum but eventually broke out with the help of Brian Roscoe.

Now back to the present, Victorique receives a message from her mother, prompting her to search for Kujou. However Grevil, in his father’s orders, arrives to take Victorique to the capital to have her solve the mystery of Queen Coco Rose’s murder.

Episode 20 (Guided by the Phantom’s Phantom)

Kujou finds out that Victorique was taken to the capital and he proceeds to search for her. He does find her but loses her to the Ministry of the Occult. Grevil reveals that she might not be able to return to the Academy if she does not reveal the truth in Queen Coco Rose’s murder. In desperation, Kujou decides to actually look for clues that will help Victorique in solving the case. He finds out that there was a girl known as Nicole Le Roux (aka. Downtown Blue Rose).

Nicole Le Roux, a dead ringer for the Queen, aka. Downtown Blue Rose

Nicole was a Coco Rose look-a-like and Kujou investigates Nicole’s disappearance, thinking that it had something to do with the death of the real Queen Coco Rose. Kujou goes back to the place where Victorique is still investigating the case. Two Brian Roscoes help Kujou break in and free Victorique.

Episode 21 (The Christmas Eve Bell Urges on the Hour)

Victorique has all of her pieces of chaos reconstructed and solves the mystery. In 1900, Queen Coco Rose gave birth. However, it was obvious that the child was not the King’s due to its different colored skin…the child was sired by Leviathan, the alchemist scouted by Queen Coco Rose herself. In a fit of rage, the King murdered Coco Rose. Later, the court secretly held interviews for Coco Rose look-a-likes and eventually hired Nicole Le Roux to be a replacement of the Queen.

Few years later, Nicole died when she was decapitated by an unknown murderer. When asked, Victorique states that even she does not know who the murderer is. The Marquis lets her return to the Academy. As Kujou and Victorique travel back to the Academy by carriage, the pair encounters a mother and son. Victorique then reveals that the supposed Coco Rose that the King killed was actually the Queen’s maid who was another Queen look-a-like. The Queen and her son that was sired by Leviathan lived on.

Cordelia and the two Brian Roscoes look over Victorique’s and Kujou’s return to the Academy.

Lol, double the hotness? Jks ;D


I’ll be direct. I don’t like Kujou’s character development. I understand that the creators placed him to be the “savior” and “Reaper” to make the story supposedly “interesting”. I hate Kujou’s personality with a passion. I have always, personally, hated characters who are all gung-ho in completing something but end up failing. It’s alright if it’s once in a while BUT it’s annoying when it’s constant and 24/7. The only reliable help that he gave in a case was in Episode 20 where he actually decided to look in the bigger picture and investigate Nicole Le Roux.

As much as he’s supposed to help give help, friendship, and possibly “love” to Victorique, he seems so useless (yet again, personal thoughts) in everything else. Not once has he really solved a case. I got really annoyed at Kujou when he kept getting pwned by Brian Roscoe. LOL it was kinda funny at the same time You could say that I have a certain hate for anime characters that are constantly stupid…and maybe useless ones as well. If his character had developed earlier, I wouldn’t be pulling my hair out while watching him.

As for Victorique….if she was an OC character in fanfiction, she could be easily nailed down as a Mary-Sue. Victorique has only two flaws: low physical strength (i.e. she always falls down when she runs) and her inability to socialize like a normal person. Unless those two flaws are considered major, I have nothing else to say.

Favorite Scenes:

I like Brian Roscoe and Cordelia. I don’t know why…”they’re awesome” doesn’t seem like it… They’re still cute together though ^^

Next Episode Preview:

LOL, I think there’s more fanservice…I was able to see Kujou helping Victorique wearing a corset. >_>

“A Christmal Carol Decorates the Windowsill’s Happiness”



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