Dynasty Warriors 7: It’s not Jin, it’s more like “Post-Wei”

While I have been toiling in homework, slacking off with my posts, hanging out with friends, reading useless Wikipedia pages, cheesing some sandwiches, wasting my time with my new iPhone 4, and gone on a trip to Springfield working ever so dutifully on my posts, I’ve also had the time to play:

As the seventh installment of the Dynasty Warriors series, there are bound to be changes and other renovations to the gameplay. This hack n’ slash game series has taken my heart and filled it with love for the bishies lol and admiration for the Three Kingdoms period of ancient China.


The gameplay’s fighting system has reverted back to the previous “charge” combos, replacing the Renbu system from the sixth installment. Players are now able to bring two weapons into battle and while switching between attacks, players can perform a “switch attack”: an attack that takes place during the transition of weapons. The characters also have an EX weapon that is able to perform an EX attack (that is, special attack). There are also two different Musou(s) that can be performed by pushing R1 or Jump (X button on PS3) along with the Musou button (O button on PS3). There are plenty other changes to the gameplay but my description will most likely dull them.

Game Modes:

Story Mode:

The Story Mode of this game follows the different kingdoms Shu, Wei, Wu, and the newly added Jin. Though this installment does not feature the any of the officers’ individual stories, I personally like this newly made story mode. The previous installment made the officers’ kingdom rule in the end, for example, Zhao Yun’s Musou Mode eventually had Shu reign all over China. However, in terms of history, Wei actually held power over Shu after Liu Bei died and Liu Shan (Liu Bei’s son and successor) surrendered. This new installment has the story follow more of history than fiction.

Conquest Mode:

Map of China in Conquest Mode

Conquest Mode replaces Free Mode. Its is quite similar to the gameplay of DW Empires. The chosen character ventures a map of China to achieve fame and glory. I’m a little iffy about this change, however, there are character missions that help fill in the gap in my heart which yearns for the spotlight for the officers.

Forces and Characters:

Shu: A kingdom with a ruler who is bent on a land of peace and benevolence…Funny, it was “virtue” a few installments before.

In my opinion, Shu was the weakest out of all the Three Kingdoms. Liu Bei lacked leadership and was definitely not the smartest person around. If Xu Shu had not introduced Zhuge Liang, Shu wouldn’t had lasted or even founded. Shu relied on the tactics of Zhuge Liang and after Zhuge Liang’s death, Shu wasn’t fit for Jiang Wei’s leadership. He was just…the worst leader ever (or so, in this installment) but that’s just my opinion.

The Returning Shu Officers:

Liu Bei: The Ruler of Shu. Sworn brother of Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. Husband of Sun Shang Xiang and father of Liu Shan. He seeks a land filled with benevolence and peace for his people.

Guan Yu: Sworn brother of Liu Bei and Zhang Fei. Known for his "beautiful" beard and powerful skills as a fighter, he is also the adoptive father of Guan Ping and Guan Suo.

Zhang Fei: Sworn brother to Liu Bei and Guan Yu. Known for his bad drinking habits. Father of Xing Cai.

Zhuge Liang: Famous bad-ass strategist. He is also the rival of Sima Yi, cousin of Zhuge Dan and husband of Yue Ying. Famously known as the "Sleeping Dragon". Mentor to Jiang Wei

Zhao Yun: A famous general who rescued an infant Liu Shan

Yue Ying: Wife of Zhuge Liang. Inventor of Juggernauts.

Ma Chao: Cousin of Ma Dai

Jiang Wei: Apprentice of Zhuge Liang.

Guan Ping: Adopted son of Guan Yu. Brother of Guan Suo.

Xing Cai: Daughter of Zhang Fei. Wife of Liu Shan.

Huang Zhong: One of the oldest generals of Shu. Rival of Xiahou Yuan in archery.

Wei Yan: A loyal retainer of Liu Bei who Zhuge Liang does not trust.

Pang Tong: Known as the Fledgling Phoenix. A friend of Zhuge Liang.

Newly Added Shu Characters:

Ma Dai: Cousin of Ma Chao

Liu Shan: Heir to the Kingdom of Shu. Liu Bei's son. Xing Cai's husband. As an infant, he was rescued by Zhao Yun. Eventually surrenders Shu to Wei.

Guan Suo: Adopted son of Guan Yu. Brother to Guan Ping. Husband of Bao Sanniang

Bao Sanniang: Wife of Guan Suo

Wei: A kingdom built on ambitions and glory.

Wei has the most bad-ass officers. While the ruler of Shu (Liu Bei) was heading for peace (not that it’s bad or anything…) the ruler of Wei (Cao Cao) was more…Let’s just say that he saw his goals as something accomplished through violence.

Returning Wei Officers:

Cao Cao: Ruler of Wei. Does anything to achieve his ambitions. Known as "Hero of Chaos". Cousin of Xiahou Dun, Xiahou Yuan, and Cao Ren. Father of Cao Pi.

Cao Pi: Heir to the Kingdom of Wei. Son of Cao Cao. Husband of Zhen Ji.

Xiahou Dun: Cousin of Cao Cao, Xiahou Yuan, and Cao Ren. Lost an eye due to an arrow during a battle with Lu Bu. Famous for taking out his eye and eating it...

Xiahou Yuan: Cousin of Cao Cao, Cao Ren, and Xiahou Yuan. Father of Xiahou Ba. Rival of Huang Zhong.

Zhen Ji: Wife of Cao Pi. Known for being the former wife of Yuan Xi, Yuan Shao's son.

Cao Ren: Cousin of Cao Cao, Xiahou Dun, and Xiahou Yuan.

Dian Wei: Bodyguard of Cao Cao

Zhang Liao

Zhang He: Former retainer of Yuan Shao

Xu Zhu: Bodyguard of Cao Cao

Xu Huang

Newly Added Wei Characters:

Jia Xu: Took part in Dian Wei's death. Former enemy of Wei.

Cai Wenji: Rescued by Cao Cao.

Wu: A family of warriors fighting for peace in their land.

Wu was the kingdom that lasted the longest out of all the original Three Kingdoms though one might argue that it was Wei. However, Wei became no more when Jin took over and at that time, Wu still survived the new dynasty. Wu was only demolished fifteen years after the new Jin dynasty. If I were to choose any of the original Three Kingdoms which I liked the best, it would have to be Wu.

Returning Wu Characters:

Sun Jian: First ruler of Wu posthumously. Father of Sun Ce, Sun Quan, and Sun Shang Xiang. Known as the "Tiger of Jiangdong".

Sun Ce: Second ruler of Wu posthumously. Son of Sun Jian. Brother of Sun Quan and Sun Shang Xiang. Husband of Da Qiao. Known as "Little Conquerer". Succeeded Sun Jian when Sun Jian was K.I.A.

Sun Quan: Son of Sun Jian. Brother of Sun Ce and Sun Shang Xiang. Husband of Lian Shi. Succeeded Sun Ce when Ce was K.I.A.

Sun Shang Xiang: Daughter of Sun Jian. Sister of Sun Ce and Sun Quan. Known for being skilled with the bow and being a tomboy. Wife of Liu Bei.

Zhou Yu: Sun Ce's best friend. Wu's Strategist. Husband of Xiao Qiao.

Da Qiao: Sun Ce's wife. Sister of Xiao Qiao. Known to originate the Battle of Chi Bi.

Xiao Qiao: Zhou Yu's wife. Sister of Da Qiao. Known to originate the Battle of Chi Bi.

Lu Meng: Successor of Zhou Yu

Lu Xun: Successor of Lu Meng and Zhou Yu

Taishi Ci: Known for fighting in duels with Sun Ce.

Ling Tong: Holds a vengeance but eventual friendly rivalry with Gan Ning.

Gan Ning: Holds friendly rivalry with Ling Tong.

Huang Gai: Known for pretending to defect to Wei to set their sea navy on fire so that Wu and Shu may win the Battle of Chi Bi. One of the oldest Wu officers.

Zhou Tai

Newly Added Wu Characters:

Ding Feng

Lian Shi: Wife of Sun Quan. Bodyguard of Sun Shang Xiang.

Jin: A new age rises as the Three Kingdoms period slowly fades. Those who are not fit to rule are replaced by others. Imbeciles may not remain.

In my opinion, Jin wouldn’t necessarily be Jin since the Jin Dynasty only started when Sima Zhao’s son (Sima Yi’s grandson) abdicated the throne. This installment doesn’t even have Sima Zhao’s son as a playable character. Sima Zhao’s son was only mentioned near the end of the Jin story mode. Personally, I feel that, instead of Jin, the kingdom should’ve been called “Post-Wei”. The Sima family and all the other characters still serve under Wei even if they have complete power over the throne.

Sima Yi: Father of Sima Shi and Sima Zhao. Holds rivalry with Zhuge Liang. Despises imbeciles who do not know their limits.

Sima Shi: Son of Sima Yi. Brother of Sima Zhao. Successor of Sima Yi's ambitions.

Sima Zhao: Son of Sima Yi. Brother of Sima Shi. Husband of Wang Yuanji. Father of future founder of Jin Dynasty. Successor of Sima Shi.

Wang Yuanji: Wife of Sima Zhao. Known to have predicted Zhong Hui's revolt.

Zhong Hui: Eventually revolted against kingdom with remaining Shu officers.

Deng Ai: A loyal officer handpicked by Sima Yi.

Guo Hai: An ill officer with an admiration of Xiahou Yuan.

Zhuge Dan: Cousin of Zhuge Liang. Despises Sima Zhao's laidback attitude. Eventually revolts against Sima Zhao with Wu allies.

Xiahou Ba: Son of Xiahou Yuan. Eventually defects to Shu.

Others: These officers may sometimes be considered as the “leftovers”. Two of the officers are in their own little kingdom while others…well, they’re “others”.

Lu Bu: The strongest warrior in all of China. Adopted son of Dong Zhuo. Eventually killed Dong Zhuo under the infulence of Diao Chan. Lover of Diao Chan.

Diao Chan: One of the "Four Great Beauties of China". Sent by adopted father to help manipulate the relationship between Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu. Lover of Lu Bu.

Dong Zhuo: A tyrannical ruler evenutally murdered by his own adopted son, Lu Bu.

Yuan Shao: An arrogant ruler born of nobility. Childhood friend of Cao Cao.

Meng Huo: King of Nanman Tribe. Husband of Zhu Rong.

Zhu Rong: Wife of Meng Huo.

Zhang Jiao: Leader of the Yellow Turbans.

Favorite Characters (Story-wise):

(A/N: Fair warning; this list is not based on looks. If it was…the list would be a heck longer ;D)

1. Zhuge Liang (He’s smart and like…the lifeline of Shu. I only wish I could be as smart as him…)
2. Sima Yi (I like how he thinks everybody are imbeciles…and his MUAHAHAHA laugh)
3. Zhou Yu (I think I’m starting to have a fetish for smart people…Nah, it couldn’t be >;D)
4. Lu Xun (He did an OK job at keeping Wu alive after the deaths of Zhou Yu and Lu Meng)
5. Sima Shi (As the son of Sima Yi, he’s the replica of Sima Yi…but younger. Double the goodies ;] )
6. Cao Pi (I like his view on the world. ;D)
7. Xiahou Dun (His loyalty to Cao Cao never ceases to surprise me.)
8. Lu Bu (He makes me LOL whenever someone makes him mad. Lu Bu is actually kind of nice in Conquest Mode.)
9. Zhao Yun (Zhao Yun rescued Liu Shan. That’s it. But he’s also one of the Five Tiger Generals. ^^ In the novel, he joined Liu Bei because of RIGHTEOUSNESS and JUSTICE so extra points. He still can’t beat Zhuge Liang though.)
10. Yuan Shao (His “WTF, I’M IN TROUBLE” phrases are awesome. Enough said.)

Favorite Characters (Gameplay-wise):

(A/N: PAW means “Personal Alternative Weapon”. I would use these PAWs for those characters. Some people might use it, some might not.)

1. Sun Shang Xiang (Whenever I play Conquest Mode, I instinctively choose her as my player. It’s either that I’m just used to her or I like her combo. Preferably the first choice.) EX Weapon: Wheels. PAW: Bow
2. Zhong Hui (He’s compatible with a number of weapons, making it easy to play his character.) EX Weapon: Flying Swords. PAW: Arm Cannon.
3. Guo Huai (His combos are short yet powerful with his EX weapon. He made me fall in love with the Arm Cannon.) EX Weapon: Arm Cannon. PAW: Rapier.
4. Da Qiao (She’s fun to watch when using her Iron Fans ^^) EX Weapon: Iron Fans. PAW: Chain Whip.
5. Cao Cao (His combos emit the message “EFF YOU” in my opinion. It’s kinda funny actually ;D) EX Weapon: Sword. PAW: Flying Swords.

Favorite Couples:

1. Zhuge Liang x Yue Ying (THEY ARE SO AWKWARDLY CUTE. :DDDD)
2. Sun Ce x Da Qiao (Da Qiao is practically spoiled by him 8D.)
3. Cao Pi x Zhen Ji (Both have similar personalities. The game has made the couple slightly different from real history though. It’s believed that Cao Pi found Zhen Ji as a prisoner from a battle with Yuan Shao and made her his wife. When he rose as Emperor of Wei, Cao Pi took another concubine as his Empress and eventually forced Zhen Ji to suicide. Nonetheless, they’re a cute couple in the game ^^)
4. Zhou Yu x Xiao Qiao (As whiny and childish Xiao Qiao is, Zhou Yu looks and acts like he doesn’t give a crap.)
5. Lu Bu x Diao Chan (The traditional remedy of Beauty and the Beast~)


If you’re a fan of this franchise, I would recommend this installment. There are many changes (but it’s your opinion and choice to decide if they’re good or bad). But even with their changes, there are still some similarities to the previous installments. I personally play this for pure fun and the wonders of history.

Though people complain about how the story plot is never changed, I would like to remind them that this game was based on history. Since it’s history, nothing can be really changed. If people want changes that do not follow it’s true history, I highly recommend other games like Kessen II. The plot is warped up as it can be. (Srsly? Diao Chan with Cao Cao and Liu Bei? o___o). Heck, there’s dozen of RPGs and create-your-own-adventure games based on the Three Kingdoms.



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8 Responses to Dynasty Warriors 7: It’s not Jin, it’s more like “Post-Wei”

  1. jacqivarius says:

    There are so many characters but from my previous experiences with Dynasty Warriors, they’re all fairly similar in-game. If I smash all the buttons at the same time, people die. xP

    • sakuraxxyume says:

      That’s kinda the point of hack n’ slash genre. You can easily kill people…If people had a problem with that, they might hack up the difficulty…The most you can get is like…different weapons if you think they’re too repetitive. Different weapons = different combos. People who want variety would not like any of the DW series…probably. :P

      • jacqivarius says:

        Yeah, the games are a bit too repetitive for my liking.

        The hack n’ slash genre is so expansive that the ones with the tightest controls and greatest variety of combinations claims the top. Games such as Titan Quest or even Bayonetta, which is more of a skew to HnS, display an extremely intuitive combat system compared to Dynasty Warriors’ press button X. DW is still a fun game but the repetitive nature isn’t compensated by loot, in the case of Diablo, or combos. Killing droves of enemies isn’t the issue, it’s that I don’t need to accurately execute my moves or else face my utter demise.

        • Sakura Yume says:

          Lol, what you say is true. It’s just that some people (especially for a dork like me to vent stress) like this sort of repetitiveness and like gameplay that are this simple. Your said games have great and complex combat systems. It’s just that DW falls into simplicity. Obviously, this game is not for people who yearn for multi-combos and other complex storylines and challenging enemies/gameplay. The square and triangle button (I prefer using PS3) are literally your best friends (with the ever so occasional circle button). From my (rather stupid) observation, the creators of DW wanted to concentrate on the stories and history a twitch more than the gameplay.

          Though very discreet the combat has improved…a little… from the previous installments. Me, THE simplicity dork, like to push button and easily kill enemies. If it’s simple, it awesome ^^. I can literally just yell out DIE DIE DIE and the enemies die :P. Meh, it’s my easy way to vent stress…and anger. Srsly, different people = different preferences. It’s not like there’s a perfect game out there fit for everyone’s tastes and needs…(unless you know one~ I’ll be happy to give it a try :D)

          • jacqivarius says:

            Most hack n’ slash games are press buttons and limbs go flying. It’s all about how it’s presented and if they give you the option to produce extreme chain combinations and such. Even in games like Devil May Cry, you can hit random keys and he just does crazy stuff while everything on screen is spewing gory innards. However, if you crank up the difficulty, you need to then perform finger breaking combos to kill those same enemies.

            Personally for stress release, I like to play beat ’em ups. Castle Crashers is a great game where there is an attack button and a strong attack button, maybe a bit of magic if you feel adventurous enough to use triggers. You press those and enemies die but the presentation is so funny and exciting that it breaks the monotony of DW’s brown and dead bodies. It’s still fun to press button and kill hordes of soldiers though but it does get boring and options to elongate the time spent playing is nice to have.

  2. NyNy says:

    Definitely loved this game too and I loved reading your opinion! I agree to your point about Jin being more of a post-Wei era but I really liked how they crafted the storyline for this game. What are your expectations for DW8? I’d like to know! I actually made a post on mine so I hope you will check it out on my blog!

  3. Reinhart says:

    Haven’t played the seventh installment yet (last time I played was the sixth), but I see there’re a LOT of differences than the sixth. Especially on the officer’s looks. Gotta grab myself this installment ASAP. :mrgreen:

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