Steins;Gate 12// An overbearing sensation of disaster.

What started as a celebration turns into a misfortune. The decisions of time travel are too much for a single man to handle and comprehend. Every actions becomes a chore and must be taken with extreme care.

Having successfully created a time leap machine capable of sending memories into the past, there are only two decisions to be made. Do you continue with the experiment and use someone as a guinea pig to send memories into the past or do you give up on the notion, transferring the responsibility to another? Being a man sworn to protect his lab members, Okabe decides to present the machine to the world and stop the experimentation. The right choice, at the time.

Mayuri really knows best. She is the anchor of the group.

This anime turned sour quickly. It started off innocent enough but one doesn’t mess with the constant of time without repercussions and none other than Okabe knows this. To stray away from being the mad scientist was the right decision, the risks were simply too high. A lift of his burden is visible. Everyone in the lab seemed to perk up.

The strange relationship between Mayuri and Okabe was explored thoroughly in this episode. Even a mad scientist gets lonley if his lab is empty. Mayuri has often referred to herself as a hostage though she resembles a link to reality and humanity more. It is through her that Okabe is able to live. I find that much more exciting than Kurisu’s tsundere nature. Tu~tu ruu!

From the moment that the trains were stopped due to “terrorist” threats, I knew shit was going to hit the fan. Part-time warrior’s expression solidified my claim as she dashed out of the apartment. She’s still a complete enigma. I don’t know who she is or how she knows these things. If she truly is the son of John Titor then that would make sense of a lot of things.

So, time itself stops. The sand in the hourglass freezes and Mayuri’s watch breaks even though she wound it just recently. A storm of troopers charge into the room, guns blazing. Kiryuu Moeka appears and she’s a member of SERN. Mayuri is deemed useless and shot under the utterance of “for FB”.

Let’s just think back to the first episode where Kurisu dies. She MUST have died for a reason. Now that we know SERN understands time travel, more possibilities become plausible. Okabe experienced a Steiner’s Gate moment where the time lines shifted and suddenly Kurisu is alive and becomes a lab member. Part-time Warrior is completely confused and assuming that she is a time traveller, is unable to rectify the problem for she would sunder the universe. Fast forward a few shifting time lines and the computer is gone and Moeka is no longer a close member of the lab. She doesn’t form much of a bond with Mayuri and doesn’t become particularly attached to the group. If SERN really is the leading group in time technology (as seen by the jellyfied men), then the question is why would they move the time lines?

To save Kurisu and create a time leap machine. Things are beginning to click in my mind.

Does she know?

I'll break the mood with this. ~tsun tsun

– Jacqivarius


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2 Responses to Steins;Gate 12// An overbearing sensation of disaster.

  1. Oh wow. You sure broke the mood alright. I was really expecting something BOOM-like ><

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