Hanasaku Iroha 13// A slowly blooming flower.

Phew, it’s been a while since I’ve watched this series so expect more of a recap than anything else.

Powerful personalities always conflict but ultimately, opposites will attract. This is the same with the Shijima women. They fight and fight and fight but are so extremely similar in every which way. This particular episode brings Satsuki Matsumae back into the limelight. She’s a horrible mother, an unbearable sibling, and a rebellious daughter. She took bribe money to denounce her family’s inn! Even so, she isn’t motivated by hatred or disdain. In her own way, she looks out for her own.

A dictatorship.

It’s very easy to dislike the character of Satsuki Matsumae. She’s so irresponsible that at times, it pains me to watch her daughter suffer as a result. In the end, she still went to the inn and suggested how to improve in every aspect. Things revolve around her pace.

The relationship between the three Shijima women (Ohana, Satsuki, and Sae) is most interesting because none of them feels that they are related. Ohana was brought up in the heart of Tokyo, never having seen her grandmother Sae until she was dumped there by her mother. Satsuki up and left without saying farewell and Sae completely disregards Satsuki as her child. Yet they sit down to have a drink and a talk, literally.

A strangely surreal moment for the trio.

The arrival of the whimsical daughter brought Kissui inn to an immediate state of panic. She’s a writer for an influential magazine and a harbinger of disaster. Personally, I like her. She’s got spunk ya’ know? In this instance, she plays a tactful mother and a respectful daughter for once. Ohana’s love issues are somewhat alleviated by her harsh mother’s words and the inn is contented by her new review.

However, the protagonist is still Ohana and her life as a Kissui inn employee has become her “regular self”. She isn’t running away from Ko-chan rejecting her but simply returning to where she belongs. The past 12 episodes have been building up to this point. Ohana detested being driven like a slave but now embraces the lifestyle. Her beloved and her mother no longer have a part. She doesn’t live in Tokyo anymore.

I really like how the story has unfolded so far. It’s not a forced delivery but seems to unfolded naturally. Ohana was, in the first episode, looking for an adventure and she has found pieces of it at the inn. Because of her mother’s insanity, she finds out how dependent she is on Kouichi. It’s just a different take from the usual fluffy romance as it slowly comes into fruition and not by leaps and bounds.

Whoo~ *nosebleed*

Dat Shijima spunk.

– Jacqivarius
I should stop covering this because I’m horrible at writing about these types of anime.


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