Steins;Gate 13// Leaping. Leaping. Leaping. A vicious cycle.

This has to be one of the more thrilling episodes of any series that I’ve seen this season. The voice talent of Miyano Mamoru is perfect, he’s at his best when screaming his heart out. My mind knew what to expect but it was orchestrated so well that it didn’t matter.

After the last episode where SERN agents storm the lab, I knew that they would time leap. It was inevitable. This episode focused heavily on Mayuri’s past and Okabe’s attempts to bring her some sort of liberation. She is his constant and he is her constant. They need each other to be there. Of course, for dramatic effect, Okabe needs to fail a few times.

When the time lines change, only the circumstance by which things happen change. So far every time that a D.mail is sent to the past, all the characters remained intertwined but the way that they met became different. I don’t know if Okabe can truly save Mayuri. He’ll continue to try no doubt but each attempt ends with her watch breaking or the hourglass stopping followed shortly by Mayuri perishing.

What really carried the episode for me was Miyano Mamoru’s performance. The anguish of Okabe is spot on. Each scream and each disgruntled mutter feels right. He is so good at conveying heavy emotions as seen in other anime such as Death Note. It is so easy to fail during these types of episodes. A single quip that isn’t perfectly on queue ruins the entirety. This is why anime can be so extreme in their styles. A voice actor, instead of a regular actor, can perform that much better when yelling nonsensically. The animation can be more easily manipulated to denote sadness or defeat. It’s over the top! It’s great.

I wonder how long he'll keep trying.

– Jacqivarius


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One Response to Steins;Gate 13// Leaping. Leaping. Leaping. A vicious cycle.

  1. Blacksun88 says:

    my poor tuturu T_T

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