Black★Rock Shooter gives rise to a manga adaptation?!

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As we would expect from the Black Rock Shooter franchise, Young Ace magazine presents Sanami Suzuki’s manga adaptation of HUKE’s BRS: “Black Rock Shooter – Innocent Soul”. With much thanks to the anonymous fan-subs, the English-translated version of the first chapter can be read here. Remember to support the franchise when the official English release becomes available! (Which I’m sure won’t take very long considering BRS’s popularity.)

The story follows a girl in Hazama (Threshold), a world between Heaven and Earth. “Impure souls” — those that could not ascend to Heaven with the burden of their own weight — have drifted to this world of constant warfare.


BRS goes manga!


Just as Young Ace had promised, the manga indeed presented “a Black Rock Shooter that no one has seen before”. While the art isn’t as eye orgasm-ing as its other adaptations, it is nevertheless decent enough to read. Though Rock’s wardrobe isn’t to my fancy (I’m more used to the black bikini and shorts) and the plot, however, intrigues me. There’s definitely potential, and perhaps, just perhaps, we may witness the incorporation of other beloved Black Star characters as well. That is, if the series goes on for long enough. My guess is that Rock is involved with an organization of sorts (there’s always one of those in shounen-action manga) and that the whole new “snake” character is a familiar-like thing, seeing as he/she/it is the equivalent of Rock’s weapon? Boy do I sure hope Sanami does some explaining.

– Serenata


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5 Responses to Black★Rock Shooter gives rise to a manga adaptation?!

  1. Persocom says:

    Interesting way to begin a story I guess, I also hope they do some decent explaining, it seems a bit comical having her weapon as a familiar.

    • jacqivarius says:

      Seeing as Black Rock Shooter doesn’t speak very often, the snarky and talkative familiar will be good comical relief. I’m going to assume that there won’t be much contact with other people in the Threshold.

      • I agree. It appears to be one of those stories where the protagonist won’t be given much spotlight such that there’s a significant deal of character development on their behalf. Like an outsider who’s only witnessing and interfering if necessary, on another’s matters like, for example, Jigoku Shoujo. But since this is only the beginning, I’m sure (more like hoping) the mangaka will shift their attention on the heroine later on. I also hope that the talkative snake-familiar (or whatever it is) of Rock’s will prove to be something more.

  2. blacksun88 says:

    more BRS adaptation is better, but hope it wont get ruined

  3. Somthing says:

    They might put Black Rock Shooter in Supersmash Bro’s with this conspiracy

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