[Finale] Dog Days Ep 9-13

Warped prophecies, a desperate homesick hero, and a dangerous battle including random demons that drop from the sky like rain combine for what we may refer to as: Dog Days!

Exactly what I thought.

Episode Summaries:

Episode 9 (Battle at Grana Fortress!!)

Leonmichelle challenges Biscotti to a one-on-one duel with her on top of Grana Fortress. To her surprise, Millihiore arrives for the challenge, which means that now everything in Leonmichelle’s vision/prophecy is coming true. Suddenly, however, a demon drops from the sky in a ball of purple fire appears from the sky.

Tremble before the eye.

Episode 10 (Hero, Princess, and a Light of Hope)

After the demon stabs and absorbs Millihiore, Shinku and Eclair proceed to try and rescue her. While Millihiore is unconcious, she meets the demon’s mother, who says that her son was suddenly struck by a demonic sword and eventually became this evil demon.

Awww. The poor thing...

Millihiore rejects the mother’s request to kill her son. Shinku, with a small boost from Eclair, reaches the demon and is able to save Millihiore from it.

Episode 11 (Like Flowers Swirling in the Night Sky)

Shinku and Millihiore, with the help of Leonmichelle, are able to injure the demon and rescue the injured child deity. As the three of them return to Biscotti, Yukikaze and Countess d’Arquien return to the scene to seal the demon.

Leonmichelle publicly apologizes for the hostile wars between Galette and Biscotti. Though there is no real winner in the war, Princess Millihiore holds a concert in celebration for the countries’ renewed friendship. Then, suddenly, Rico is called back to her lab and finds out that the scientists have found out a way to transport Shinku back to his world, Earth.

Episode 12 (The Four Conditions)

To transport Shinku back to Earth, there are four conditions to be met.

Rico is saddened by the last condition and doesn’t want Shinku to leave. However, the return is inevitable and Shinku is able to persuade Rico from saying anything to the others. He spends some time with his friends, and the Biscotti council and warriors hold a banquet in honor of Shinku.

Episode 13 (The Promise)

Shinku leaves some memorials from his world for his friends. Right before he is transported back to his world, Millihiore and Shinku confess to each other.


Back on Earth, Shinku does not remember Flonyard but feels an indescribable sadness within himself. As he spends some time with his friends and family on Earth, he remembers but a fragment of his time spent in his “fun world.” Meanwhile, in Flonyard, Rico finds a way to transport Shinku back to Flonyard, as soon as (more) certain conditions are met. Millihiore sends her dog to Earth and Shinku remembers Flonyard once he sees the Paladion ring.

He then vows to return to Flonyard as soon as possible with his cousin and friend, Rebecca.

Final Blabberings:

Well, Dog Days was OK while it lasted. This anime is one of those that I would probably forget in a month after watching it. If there was a second season, I might give it a try but I wouldn’t have any expectations for it.

One thing I really liked was at the most intense moments of Dog Days (i.e. climax of fighting scenes, intense arguments), there would always be this chibi moment randomly thrown in there… Heck, I like random. ;D

On the last episode, I bet my face was like: -.- the whole time. It didn’t necessarily put me in a sad mood (yet again, I’m not that sensitive…) or an incredibly happy mood near the end. I generally don’t approve of romance in these sort of anime (i.e. fantasy, action). Let’s just say that I didn’t really like when Millihiore said “I LOVE YOU” to Shinku since it just proved to be a distraction and… it also seemed sort of forced…



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