[First Impression] Kamisama Dolls// Totally unexpected.

Whatever happened to the cute girl on the preview screen?!

I was shocked. From the picture on the summer guide, I thought I was in for something cute and “moe” but instead I got something akin to Xam’d: Lost Memories. I did read the synopsis but I may have skimmed over the whole elevator covered in blood part.

Kamisama Dolls follows a generic sci-fi/mecha/supernatural theme. The tone is dark as most supernatural anime are. Kuga Kyouhei moves away from his oppressive village, also filled to the brim with secrets, to live amongst the normality of Tokyo citizens. His past is one that is tainted with blood, fire, tears, and giant robots. While on a “goukon”, he finds a brutally mutilated body inside of an elevator. After reporting the crime and returning home, he’s greeted by his sister, Utao, and her mechanical doll named Kukuri which is regarded as a god by the village people. From there he learns that Aki, a murderer bent on undoing the villages traditions, has escaped the imprisonment of the camp due with the knowledge that he left to Tokyo. His house having been destroyed by Aki and Utao’s subsequent fight, Kuga goes to live with Hibino Shiba; an extremely beautiful girl who’s father is an ex-villager. She also has the biggest teats I have seen this season.

Look at her waist and then her breasts. Dang, is that what other males regard as sexy?

The premise of the story isn’t half bad. The forbidden secret of the village motif has been done before but the robots are somewhat unique. They follow their user, known as a Seki, and do whatever it is that they do. However, other than the robots everything is rather bland. There isn’t a stylized atmosphere nor are the dolls incredibly detailed themselves. Kuga is a typical anime teen in that he’s quick to anger and quicker to depression. His sister isn’t cute or moe and the heroine isn’t that likeable. The pace begins to drag as flashback after explanation after flashback occur. The combat scene wasn’t even exciting due to Utao being horrid at controlling her doll and Aki possessing the gift of gab.

Should you watch it? I have a feeling that it’s going to be average at best but if you’re into the genre, you could give it a try. It’s simply doesn’t have the WOW factor that I need to enjoy this type of anime.

I see what they did there....

I believe that his insane smile was the most interesting part of the show. I thought he was going to murder some people. He didn't.

– Jacqivarius
I gave up about halfway through this post.


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3 Responses to [First Impression] Kamisama Dolls// Totally unexpected.

  1. Justin says:

    Yeah, it seems like it’ll be like one of those “ok” animes. Not bad at all, but not great. But, it could get better…

  2. lerorin says:

    paizuri paizuri! lol aside from that.. Why you need loli in this again?

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