FIRST IMPRESSION – Blood C 01: Ambiguous much?


I’ve never been a fan of CLAMP – not Cardcaptor, xxxHolic, Kobato or many of its other works. Because of so, I’ve had (and I still do) my doubts and wavering hopes about this series, more so since its predecessors were such mind-blowing classics that no otaku would have not heard about. Though there is indeed a great deal of action in store (well, it is its driving force), I can’t help but to think that Blood C downplays the whole Blood serial franchise. Production I.G, I liked you much better when The Last Vampire and Blood+ were what they were: cool.


Let’s crank down to business shall we? A roundtable table discussion between the good and evil sides of Serenata!


Déjà vu and it’s another Ao no Exorcist-like beginning: the typical “mundane-gone-not-so-mundane” sort of introduction.

Evil Serenata: Seriously, why is it that most anime productions see it befitting for a story, particularly those set in a contemporary Japanese era, to begin in such a mundane manner? Don’t you ever grown old with this kind of repetitiveness? WHY CAN’T THINGS JUST START WITH A BANG?

Good Serenata:
Well, technically it did. Two seconds into the episode and philosophical questions were already pouring out of its narration. The whole combination of music and shifting graphics definitely left a deep first impression in my opinion. Overall, I would say that this episode was more ambiguous than mundane.

Evil Serenata: Still mundane nevertheless. True its very beginning was indeed a bang – that much I agree with. Afterall, you don’t typically find yourself staring at blood-filled decorations (and what exactly was that thing anyway? A thermometer of sorts?) and other ominous objects. But what, that lasted for about a minute?

Good Serenata: A minute and nine seconds to be exact.

Evil Serenata: …If you hadn’t noticed, I’m trying to prove my point here. But like I said, it was short-lived as was the excitement. I mean, after the opening sequence (which I must admit, was pretty nice), we were left with this ‘light’ crap and a goody-too-shoe that’s too nice for her own good as the heroine. I was expecting (more like hoping) a cooler protagonist, you know?

Good Serenata: She seemed pretty bad-ass to me, or at least, when she’s fighting. Perhaps CLAMP is hinting a double personality there, like that of Saya from the previous Blood+ instalment?



Evil Serenata: Perhaps. But that still doesn’t change the fact that the action was left to the last minute. Everything else left me suffering in ennui.

Good Serenata:
You and I both know that despite it being a crappy first episode, there were still bits and pieces which were enjoyable. Take for example, the introduction of Saya’s character; I reckon she was pretty cute. Besides, I’m sure it won’t hurt that once in a while we get an extremely nice protagonist…even if they’re a bit clumsy.



Evil Serenata: A bit? Are you blind? She’s a god damn klutz to no ends…or so she appears to be. I bet you five cupcakes that she’s putting a façade of sorts. If she can fight like they showed us in the OP, then there should be no excuse for her not to be able to save herself from recklessly tripping over her own feet. She might be cute in terms of her mannerisms but CLAMP could have done better with her character design. Seriously, what’s with her hair? And do they have a glasses fetish or something?

Good Serenata: I think that if CLAMP made her anymore badass, got rid of her glasses and altered her hair style so that it looked less…“mop-like”, then fans would start raging that Blood C would be an imitation of Black Rock Shooter.

Evil Serenata: …I don’t think I would have minded. Black Rock Shooter plus vampirism…now that’s interesting.

THE VERDICT: Mundane beginnings are alright so long as they’re ambiguous and have interesting characters.

Wait, what? Isn’t Saya supposed to be a vampire? And now a shrine maiden too?

Good Serenata: How ironical. I’d also noticed form the OP sequence, that there were doves instead of bats. Er, I guess CLAMP’s definitely taken on a different approach to the Blood concept.

THE VERDICT: Vampire shrine maidens are sexy?

Evil Serenata: DON’T GO DECIDING VERDICTS ON YOUR OWN! -cough- But back to the main point. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sakura suddenly appeared in this series, knowing that it’s CLAMP who is responsible for the animation’s concept. The integration of characters from the group’s different series is almost like their hallmark.

Good Serenata: Er, I’m doubtful of that. CLAMP’s character designs are rather similar amongst their works and already the two main guys, Saya’s classmates, look far too similar to you know who. I don’t think they’ll throw in more twins into the story.


But at least they're cute...

The real verdict: Yay! No Sakura! …I hope.



The ratings?
Plot: B-
Characters: C
Graphics: A-
Music: B+
Overall: B-

– Serenata


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2 Responses to FIRST IMPRESSION – Blood C 01: Ambiguous much?

  1. Lustri says:

    The art was pretty… That’s about all I’ve got. CLAMP does some things that I have enjoyed but many more that were not to my taste. I’ll see where this goes, but I agree with your ratings. The characters felt a little bland.

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