Cardfight!! Vanguard Ep 23-25

An excellent memory has it’s advantages and disadvantages.

The bad ones bring tears.

Episode Summaries:

Episode 23 (Fateful Encounter!)

Aichi, Kamui, Misaki, and Morikawa are all invited to see Card Shop PSY (from Episode 6). Morikawa is unable to find the shop and walks off. However, Aichi is mysteriously able to find it and enters with Kamui and Misaki. There, the group meet an absent-minded redhead. Just then, the owners of Card Shop PSY (also known as the all-new singing group “Ultra-Rare”) introduce the man as Suzugamori Ren.

Ummm...nice hair? o___o

He is from Team Foo Fighters, last year’s winning team in the Nationals. Rin challenges Ren to a dueling match. Ren uses a deck similar to Misaki’s and it is supposedly the first time he has used it. Before the duel starts, Aichi is able to feel a familiar sensation and sees…diving mermaids.

Lol Aichi. You so pervy~ xD

It is later found out in the duel that the diving mermaids a.k.a. “Pleasures” were used as trump cards by Ren. Even though a complete noob in using the new deck, Ren is able to achieve a victorious win against Rin while using the trump cards. Aichi realizes that the sensations he felt were notions that tell him what his trump cards are (e.g. the sensation he felt before he used Soul Savior Dragon). After the group leaves, Ren mentions a special “power” to Ultra-Rare before leaving as well.

You mad bro?

Episode 24 (The Inedible Memory!)

The opens up with Misaki having another nightmare about her deceased parents. Later that day, the Team Q4 (excluding Kai) decides to prepare for the Nationals after seeing the prowess of Suzugamori Ren. Misaki and Aichi eventually decide to duel each other so as to improve their individuality and technique.

Makes cardfighting all the more fun I guess...

As the two fight, Misaki displays a special skill of having a perfect memory. While Kamui says how having a perfect memory is great for the team, Misaki contradicts by saying how she doesn’t even try to remember everything. In cuts throughout the duel, it is shown how Misaki clearly remembers her parent’s car accident and how she eventually stopped playing Vanguard for a while after.

The duel ends with Misaki’s win. However, Misaki says that she cannot fight with the team anymore and leaves, leaving Aichi and Kamui confused.

Episode 25 (Beyond Memories)

Aichi and Kamui are confused by Misaki’s sudden request. They start questioning themselves and Aichi is shown to be down and tired after it. One day, Emi goes to Card Capital to see what has him down and encounters Misaki. Misaki denies knowing anything about Aichi’s sudden condition. Just as Emi is about to leave, Nitta invites her to stay and play with a newly arrived deck.


Then commences a duel between Misaki and Emi who uses the new decks. With a Nova Grappler deck, Misaki is not going easy on Emi (who has an Oracle Thinktank Deck) and she starts to remember her parents again. However, Misaki also remembers the good and happy memories, leading her to realize that she shouldn’t try to forget every memory related to her parents. Misaki is charged up about the Nationals again and proceeds to beating the crap out of random duelers train harder for the upcoming tournament.

Poor people. *ultra-sadist face* >:D


Nothing much for these few episodes. It basically introduces the might of the Nationals and puts the spotlight on Misaki. There were a few hints here and there about Misaki’s spectacular memory so I wasn’t that surprised. The concept of knowing the advantages and disadvantages of a good memory has been used. Then again, what hasn’t been used?

My previous hypothesis of having special “powers” is correct. This is turning slightly more to the Yu-Gi-Oh terrain. Well, I thought this w0uld be eventual since the creators of Cardfight!! Vanguard are: Akira Ito (Creator of Yu-Gi-Oh R!) and Satoshi Nakamura (Creator of Duel Masters).

Next Episode Preview:

“A Stormy Beginning! The National Championship!”

This is probably gonna be the last episode for this anime (or at least that’s what is says on Wikipedia). I predict there’s gonna be a second season for this anime. In the meantime, let’s wait. Shall we? (except for the people who finally gave up on it, lol xD)




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