[First Impression] Ikoku Meiro no Croisee Ep 1 (Entrance)

A historical romance anime for the summer, aye? Presenting: Ikoku Meiro no Croisee! :)

Episode Summary:

The anime starts off when a little Japanese girl named Yune arrives in Paris to serve as a maid. Yune enlists into the service of Claude, the owner of Enseignes du Roy. The Enseignes du Roy is part of a gallery known as “Galerie du Roy” which has been controlled by three generations of Claude’s family, including himself.

Yune just said..."Goushujin-sama"...RUN FOR YOUR LIVES

While one says ignorance is bliss...

...I say ignorance is funny :P

Claude opposes the service of Yune as he thinks that a blacksmith shop does not need Yune and even more so when he finds out that Yune cannot understand French.


So mean =3=

However, his grandfather insists in using her as a “sign girl” to draw in customers to the deteriorating store. Claude reluctantly accepts. Yune is working well and cleaning the store until Yune breaks Claude’s memento of his father. Instead of getting mad, Claude says that Yune should return to Japan as soon as possible, thinking that she does not understand anything he said.

The next day, Claude is able to rearrange the glass pieces of the memento. Before he leaves, Yune gives Claude a kimono as an apology for the broken memento.

Claude accepts and sells it. He later buys a children’s book for learning French for Yune. Claude is eventually reprimanded by his grandfather for selling the kimono, finding out that the kimono was a precious memento of Yune’s mother and her homeland, Japan. When Claude confronts Yune about the kimono, she does not deny it and Claude finds out that Yune can speak French.

Nah really, derphead? -___-"

Claude offers to buy back the kimono but is held back by Yune, saying that it would tarnish the store’s signboard and make Claude lose the people’s trust. Yune, herself, wants to be part of the Galerie family.

Them dangerous words...

However, Claude still insists on buying the kimono back. Until that time comes, he asks for Yune to start learning to trust him. In exchange, she will never let go of anything precious to her.



I’ve actually had my eye on this anime since Spring and I thought that it would be released at the time. Half of the reason I watched this was because of my little thing for history anime. Add in romance and you get an obsession from moi. ;D I have quite high expectations for this.

For one thing, I haven’t read the manga for this yet so IDK what is really happening ( so not too many spoilers for you guys ^^).


Plot: 8/10 (Meets my previous expectations. Why not?)
8.5/10 (Looks great in my opinion :D)
7.75/10 (Lol, good for the cute factor)
Overall: 8/10

Next Episode Preview:




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4 Responses to [First Impression] Ikoku Meiro no Croisee Ep 1 (Entrance)

  1. This is romance? Seriously?

    • sakuraxxyume says:

      Well….that’s what I got from a source. I’m kinda skeptical of it myself…You want me to change it?

      • Nah, if that’s what you believe, let it be. But yeah, I’m skeptical of this being romance since our main heroine is a little girl. Unless the producers want viewers to misunderstand that there’s a pedophile or kiddy romance, this seems to be more of a historical slice of life. That, and a beginners book to french and japanese culture. How cute.

        • sakuraxxyume says:

          There was a little boy about Yune’s age who was peeping through the store window. Maybe he’s the one? Idk. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was something between the heroine and Claude. After all, anime has taught me that love has no apparent limits. :D

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