First Impression: Natsume Yuujinchou San – Warm/Fuzzy/Sad



Here it is the third season of one of the best anime that makes me smile, sympathy and sad in every episode delivers in season 1 and 2. Like usual, with the same plot and yet stunning audio and animation, Natsume Yuujinchou received lots of fans that have been eager to watch another season. Thank you Brains Base for this 3rd season a true beauty and thank you Takahiro Omori for becoming the director again!



As usual the story introduce Takashi Natsume, an average guy whom have the ability to see spirits like his grandmother, Natsume Reiko. He inherited his grandmother book called Book of Friends which inside contains the name of the spirits that Reiko defeated and only Natsume, Reiko and spirits can read it. Natsume is an orphan constantly send to his relatives and due for his ability he was shunned and even scares those around him. Eventually he moved an old couple’s place from his father’s side. Thus embark the journey of Natsume meeting his bodyguard Madara or Nyanko, getting friends and giving back the names that his grandmother defeated.


Book of Friends


Youkai (Spirit)


Natsume Reiko

How should I say this, this anime is a masterpiece where I seriously recommend anime fans to watch. It gives the feeling of mellow yet sad and also a refreshing anime after getting fanservice, loli and shounen. For a shoujo genre it is well received from both gender. Though the story pace is slow, this anime can make you glue to your seat (I did) even if you don’t want to.



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