[First Impressions] Uta no Prince-sama Maiji Love 1000% Ep 1+2

Through my distractions of playing F.3.A.R. (FYI, even if isn’t quite as scary as the prequel, it’s still not for the weak-minded) and watching the all-new K-drama “Heartstrings,” I happened to pull out and finally write my first impressions for the new anime adaption of the otome game: Uta no Prince-sama Maiji Love 1000%!

Episode Summaries:

Episode 1

The anime starts off with our heroine, Nanami Haruka, struggling to enter Saotome Academy (a music school intent on cultivating idols and/or song composers) so that she may participate in an exam to enroll. The guards, however, are unrelenting, insisting that she cannot be permitted to enter because she is late, at which point a boy comes along to help her.

After both continue to lead a fruitless persuasion, another boy comes and joins their efforts. He explains that the reason why Haruka was late is because she had helped a lost child find her mother. The guards still are unwilling, until one of them gets a phone call to let Haruka in.

Haruka then takes the exam and is able to enroll into Saotome Academy. She watches the Opening Ceremony and meets a new friend/roomate, Shibuya Tomochika, and the school chairman, “Shining” Saotome. In class and lunchtime, she meets her teacher:

FYI, RIngo-sensei is a dude.

and her bunch of bishie love interests:

Known to Tomochika as "Savior A" (I think he's supposed to be the main guy)

Shinomiya Natsuki. (LOL, doesn't he look like Iku Mizushima from Starry Sky?)


It's the one in the middle...

Jinguuji Ren. Rival to Masato. (OMG!~ IT THE SEXY VOICE OF JUNICHI SUWABE)

After being acquainted, Haruka and Tomochika start unpacking to live in their dorms. Haruka talks about how she wants to compose songs for her idol, Ichinose Hayato.

This guy? o___o

While Tomochika is away, a black cat suddenly takes Haruka’s hankerchief and leads her to a Hayato look-a-like. Haruka says that she’s a fan of Hayato, but before she can say more, she is interrupted. The Hayato look-a-like says that his name is Ichinose Tokiya.

Ah, I see the similarities...

Episode 2

Tokiya denies being the same as the “idiotic” idol, Hayato. While Haruka insists, the school chairman comes in and says that Tokiya is actually the younger twin brother of Hayato, explaining the similar looks and voices.

Dude, he already said that he wasn't Hayato...

The next day in class, Ringo-sensei explains the system of Saotome Academy and the rules that go along with it. While some are applying to become future debuting idols, others will learn how to become song composers. At the end of the school year, the idol classes will pair up with the song composer classes to debut along with.Their rule is:

Why am I not surprised? This is gonna get interesting...

Ringo-sensei’s first assignment for her class is for the idol class to compose a song while the song composers make the music. Haruka is paired up with Otoya. At first, the two are having trouble composing music as both have no background experience whatsoever.

Gotta love the eyes ^^

While Haruka starts studying, Otoya asks others for advice. In the meantime, Haruka has a dream of her grandmother and is able to create a melody. Otoya overhears and is thus able to create the lyrics to accompany it, thereby finishing their song.

First Blabberings:

To be honest…I don’t think any of the boys are that hot. *dodges tomatoes and bricks* BUT, I will say that I like Ren the most just because he was voiced by Junichi Suwabe (OHOHOHO, that sexy Atobe voice *o*).

I don’t really…like the heroine in both her physical features and personality. For one, I remember watching a horror movie and one of the characters had similar eyes like hers. IT GAVE ME NIGHTMARES. As for her personality, I want further character development. She’s nice and all but a part that really got to me was when she kept on insisting that Tokiya was Hayato. Deem this fandom or whatever but that is just plain rude in my opinion.

The anime has a few funny chibi moments here and there that I like to watch occasionally. That might add in a few good points for the anime.


Plot: 6.5/10
Overall: 5.7/10 (More like “HECK, am I  gonna continue watching this?”)



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9 Responses to [First Impressions] Uta no Prince-sama Maiji Love 1000% Ep 1+2

  1. Lustri says:

    I actually think this started off pretty well. It’s no Kimi ni Todoke – the shoujo genre gets little attention when it comes to anime, so we pretty much have to take what we can get. Uta no Prince-sama is, in my opinion, like La Corda D’Oro with the potential to be better. *gets staked by La Corda fans*

    The color palette is strong – I love the graphics here. Maybe I have a personal bias toward red-headed heroines, because they seem to be lacking, but I love how the heroine looks. She isn’t insanely pretty nor particularly plain. Those eyes of hers are a little haunting, though. I also disliked that she insisted Tokiya was Hayato even after he said he wasn’t. But at the same time, I appreciated her persistence in the latter half of the second episode, how she ignored the fact that everyone made fun of her in favor of studying and overcoming her weakness.

    As for the bishies – well, I’m not really a fan of harems, anyways. Mostly because the anime usually ends without the heroine ending up with anybody. Hopefully this isn’t the case. I haven’t seen enough of any of them to be particularly swayed. They all look good, though.

    Your rating for the plot is probably right on the mark. It is completely cliche, though that’s probably because it’s an adaption from an otome game and that’s how most otome games are. Surprise, surprise that I got TMGS deja vu the whole time I was watching.

    • sakuraxxyume says:

      The heroine is what I may call abnormal looking. No matter how I look at her, she still reminds me of an alien I saw from this horror/sci-fi movie. Maybe if I didn’t have that kind of experience, I might think similarly as you. Then again, this IS an anime we’re talking about.

      The persistence that she showed in the second episode was a sort of persistence that was what made her strong and appealing. However, I didn’t like her attitude at all in the first episode. It’s like she was a spoiled brat from a drama series.

      I guess the creators of harem anime don’t want other fangirls/fanboys to get all frustrated when the heroine ends up with someone who they didn’t like. LOL, it would be really cool if they seperated the guys into arcs similar to Starry Sky so that they could share their stories with the heroine and then have an ending of their own…


      • Agreed; I have a sinking feeling that this series will end with an anticlimax like almost any other otome-game gone anime adapted. However, the anime seems to be taking a different approach than that of the manga as we can already see with the beginning. Perhaps the anime producers will lead the heroine along the main path of the game, like Hakuouki did where Chizuru eventually ended up with Hijikata. Only problem is, I have no idea who the main love interest/partner is. Perhaps it’s Tokiya since his first meeting with Haruka had more of an ambiguous impact than the others?

        I reckon the character designs and graphics are nice; pretty well-done for a shoujo anime. Though, yes, Haruka’s eyes do seem rather haunting thanks to its colour.

        • sakuraxxyume says:

          I bet the main dude is probably Tokiya or that Otoya readhead. Haruka might end up with either one or none at all. It’s the creator’s choice…unless they take some kinda poll and end it by popularity but that’s unlikely. :(

      • Lustri says:

        OMG. :O Fangirl squeal – I love this! I hadn’t seen it before. Best B-Day gift, thank you! I see they also have Hello in Japanese now, too.

        I agree that from the first episode, I kind of got that feeling about her character being spoiled. The thing about most shoujo anime is that the main character always feels a little ambiguous and dully defined, like the creators are trying to make you relate to her by not giving her much personality. Or, if they do, she is the sweet, innocent, chipper girl that everyone loves. So hopefully Haruka gets some developmental love through the course of the series.

        • sakuraxxyume says:

          OMFG YOU SERIOUS? They already have Hello in Japanese??!! *raids Youtube*

          Only time will tell if Haruka’s personality improves. I hope that she’ll be rid of the spoiled image…cause that just makes us hate her even if it is a “new concept”.

  2. Joojoobees says:

    This show has a “make it up as we go” kind of feel that could either be good in a “Lol-wut?” kind of way, or could be very very bad. In my opinion, it worked well in episode 1, where everything was crazy and the nonsensical plot added to the fun. In episode 2, the tone is more serious, and the plot liberties are more of a hindrance.

    If the tone is kept light, they can throw any crazy idea they want in there, and it might end up a fun (if inconsequential) series, but if they take themselves too seriously, this one will end up a mess, and not worth watching, even for the lulz.

    • sakuraxxyume says:

      Hopefully, what you say will only last for the first two episodes. The series should’ve progressed in a slow but sure way so that nothing would seem sudden or at least makes people go “WTF?”

      Then again this is an anime adaption of an otome game. There should already be a sure storyline for this with no excuses.

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