Watashi ni XX Shinasai! Vol. 4

Last time we were left with Mizuno suddenly crying. What missions will Yukina bring us this time?

Chapter Summaries:

Chapter 16 (It’s Forbidden to Talk, You Know?)

Mizuno quickly reveals that her crying was fake. While Yukina is still trying to evaluate the girl’s personality, Mizuno strikes a deal with Yukina. If Yukina doesn’t talk to Shigure for a week, Mizuno will tell Yukina a HUGE secret about him. Yukina is instantly lured into it. She needs blackmail material to keep Shigure under her fist. Yukina is doing quite well.

However, Mizuno tells Shigure that Yukina probably isn’t talking to him because she is mad at him for always hiding under his mask of perfection.

Well, it is possible...

On the last day of the week, Yukina has been acting perfectly and is close to succeeding. During sixth period (self-study time), Yukina is in the library when Shigure suddenly creeps up on her.


Shigure (still thinking that Yukina is mad at him for keeping up the mask of perfection), says that he may have gotten…serious with her.


Shigure...WTF DUDE D;<

Shigure then starts finger-raping touching Yukina’s lip, almost provoking her to speak…

Sorry to ruin the moment but...THAT IS SO UNHYGENIC :O

Chapter 17 (Read the Secret Momo)

Shigure is still going on with the motive of making Yukina speak. He then finds out that another of her weak points are her ears. With this new blackmail info knowledge, Shigure starts messing around with her ears. Yukina finally loses it and yells-

Ooh, slip of mouth?

Since Yukina lost the bet, Mizuno says that Yukina now has to do whatever she (Mizuno) wants. She tells Yukina to bring Akira along for a date in the amusement park. Mizuno gives Yukina an envelope.

Since when did cute little bunnies become signals for evil and sinister plans?

The group travels to the Ferris Wheel. There is a superstition that if a couple kisses whilst on a ride, they will be together forever. Shigure gets in with Mizuno while Yukina is with Akira. Yukina watches the next gondola and sees…


or what supposedly looks like it.

That position is so... misleading?

However, it’s too late and Yukina is upset. After that, Mizuno gives the “signal” (the bunny waving), Yukina opens the envelope and sees that she has to…

Somehow, I was so happy that Mizuno sent that request. However, that would disrupt the canon couple...Maybe it can bring up progress for Yukina and Shigure?

Akira sees the note and asks if someone forced her. Yukina denies and says that it was important for her novel. Akira then asks if he can be the partner for her to rehearse the lines. Yukina then slowly spits out says the words. Akira is overjoyed and asks if he can kiss her, believing in the superstition.

Lol, Shigure and Mizuno also happen to be watching. From Shigure’s point of view, what Akira and Yukina are doing looks like this:

Even though I know that Yukina would end up with Shigure, I really like Akira.

Chapter 18 (Please Tell My Body To…)

Akira only kisses Yukina on the forehead. However, Shigure thinks differently and gets irritated during school the next day. When Akira almost gets an indirect kiss from Yukina, Shigure steals her away for “duty”.

Lol, you jelly? >:D

They go to the music room to clean the instruments. While they’re doing their job, Shigure talks up about Yukina being suddenly quiet. Usually when they’re alone, Yukina would talk about missions. Yukina gets cut (??) by an instrument and Shigure makes a sudden request…


Meanwhile, Akira is having a one-on-one conversation with Mizuno about forcing Yukina to complete the task that she wanted. However, the conversation is short-lived when Akira asks if Shigure would really like a girl that black-hearted. Mizuno runs away and doesn’t answer the question.

Back in the music room, Shigure starts to get sexually frustrated mad when Yukina denies the fact that she’s been kissed on the lips before. Yukina struggles against him and Shigure punches himself with an unknown object stops. Seeing Shigure’s despair, Yukina tells him that Akira didn’t really kiss her on the lips that day. Yukina asks Shigure if they can try to kiss again. Shigure complies (FINALLY ;0;)

Chapter 19 (Just What is She to Shigure?)

BUT life is never that easy. Shigure pulls out the last minute and says that he can’t do it.

My hate for Shigure grows. Are men seriously that fickle?

Just at that moment, Mizuno suddenly tackles runs into the room and hugs Shigure. Yukina is sad and runs out of the room. She is met by Akira who warns her not to get close with Mizuno.

The next day, Mizuno tells Yukina that she has school duties that include cleaning the pool. Though Yukina is skeptical at first, Mizuno lures her in with Shigure. Yukina agrees eventually. Again.

However, Yukina arrives and finds that Mizuno has tricked her. Shigure overhears from the teachers that Yukina is cleaning the pool. He rushes over and sees Yukina crouched down. Yukina wonders what her real relationship with Shigure is. I’ll give you a pic spam for this part. My words aren’t enough to describe the intensity of this moment:

I, personally, hate and disapprove of this excuse.

Yukina then realizes that she is a “special person” to Shigure. However, Mizuno JUST HAS TO RUIN THE MOMENT BY SHOWING UP AND CRYING AGAIN >:O. Mizuno runs away and crashes into Akira (who just so happened to be walking there >_>).

Chapter 20 (Don’t Give in to My Temptation!)

Shigure runs over to pick up Mizuno who crash landed on Akira. While Akira and Yukina watch them leave, Yukina finds out that she has:

The classical "heroine catches a cold". Why am I not surprised?

At school, a teacher scolds her for cleaning up the pool without permission. Akira brings up the point that Mizuno may have lied. Yukina runs over to confront Shigure, only to see Mizuno has fainted again. Shigure’s being the shining knight in armor and taking her to the infirmary. When Shigure leaves the infirmary, Mizuno goes to Yukina’s classroom and asks:

Yukina then decides that it’s TIME FOR A NEW MISSION. At the assembly room, the Student Council is setting up seats. Shigure walks behind a podium when he gets pulled down by Yukina. She gives him Mission 14:

That position is...easily misunderstood.

The tables are suddenly switched and Shigure gets on top of Yukina. However, the loudspeaker interrupts them and they break off. Mizuno is outside, far away, and watching the two. Akira comes over and says that “he knows what she is thinking”.

That’s a really…BAD CLIFFHANGER D;<

Chapter 20.5 (Roman’s Great Adventure)

This was just a cute little chapter about the Himuro family’s cat: Roman. Roman encounters Shigure when Roman escapes from the house. After Shigure rescues him from getting hit by a vehicle, Roman decides to make Shigure his new “lapdog”, a position previously held by Akira. ^^

Apparently, my friend thinks that his name should be "Shampoo" instead of "Roman"


This volume, by far, was the worst in the series. There were too many moments where the characters almost did something (hug, confess, kiss on the lips, etc.) to the point where it was just FRUSTRATING to read. Akira almost kissed Yukina. Shigure almost confessed to Yukina. Shigure almost kissed Yukina on the lips. It’s not that I don’t like these almost moments. They captivate me to read further, however, too much makes me want to strangle myself. Somehow, I felt that the author was a little desperate to keep the readers hatched on to the series.

Another thing is that ever since Mizuno appeared, the blackmailing days have started to dissipate. I actually read the series due to the all the blackmailing and the comedy. I really want more missions for the next volume. The concept of love blossoming from blackmail isn’t rare – I’ve seen it many times. The only thing about this volume that made me want to keep reading on was the cliffhanger. Everything else wavered my interest for the series. I just hope that the next volume isn’t so…dramatic…

Akira, Akira, Akira…I personally like him, a lot. It’s just that I wouldn’t pair him up with Yukina (and it’s not because of the cousin relationship they share). This kinda reminds me of my feelings toward the couples in You’re Beautiful (Shigure is Tae Kyung and Akira is Shin Woo).


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4 Responses to Watashi ni XX Shinasai! Vol. 4

  1. I actually didn’t mind the heroine being paired with Shin Woo in You’re Beautiful. Shin Woo was just so nice. Apparently he’s a complete jerk in the new drama Heartstrings.

    • sakuraxxyume says:

      At first, I actually liked Shin Woo with the heroine. Later on, he seemed kind of…scary to me. o_____o He’s really nice but I wouldn’t pair him up with Mi Nyu.

      Heck, Heartstrings is probably You’re Beautiful in a younger version all over again. If Shin Woo was gonna be a complete ass, then why not put in Jang Geun Seuk (Tae Kyung) again? Geun Seuk IS a professional actor anyways. Why put an idol? Well…it could be considered fanservice since a lot of people wanted Mi Nyu to be paired up with Shin Woo in You’re Beautiful.

  2. Cytrus says:

    It’s kind of astounding (or kind of a leg-pull) how everyone in this series is honourable about keeping promises, taking the punishment for lost bets and so on… even if there’s blackmail involved most of the time.

  3. oh gowd i just hate Mami !!!!!!

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