Starry Sky Ep 23+24 (Sagittarius I+II): Azusa Kinose

Minna~, sorry for the delay! The subs needed some time to be released. Kinda coincidental that this arc was released on my birthday. ^^ OMFG I FINALLY TURNED THIRTEEN TT^TT My bffs made a surprise birthday party :D. Our new love interest is also our final love interest from the original games. Presenting: Azusa Kinose!

Episode Summaries:

Episode 23 (Sagittarius I)

Azusa is a boy who views the world by its colors. As a person filled with curiosity and while he can easily be interested by something, that interest is short-lived and Azusa ditches it as soon as he loses interest.The episode starts off with Azusa ditching Archery after he loses the interest said sport.

Azusa’s mentor tells Azusa to not let his self-centered feelings take over. He also questions Azusa as to whether or not he knows the difference between attachment and interest, since Azusa thinks they are the same. Azusa then enrolls into Seigetsu Academy out of curiosity and meets his childhood friend, Tsubasa. Being his only acquaintance, Azusa sticks around Tsubasa and watches as he becomes involved in the Student Council.

With some advice?

After a while, Azusa encounters Naoshi, who tries to convince Azusa to join the Archery Club, seeing as he was an International Japanese Archery Champion. Azusa consistently rejects the offer, saying that he has lost entire interest in Archery.

Getting persistent aye?

Episode 24 (Sagittarius II)

Naoshi continues trying to convince Azusa to join the Archery Club. The latter finally agrees to watch them practice on the condition that Naoshi finds out what Tsubasa never wears. After a few days, Naoshi finds out that Tsubasa never wears socks and Azusa agrees to observe the Archery Club’s practice and possibly reconsider his decision.

Well, you might be able to be convinced otherwise. ^^

There, Azusa watches Tsukiko at practice and ” saw that the colors in the world changed.” He then openly admits to Tsukiko while holding her hand that he has changed his mind and wants to join the Archery Club after observing her archery.

LOL at Tsukiko's face.

Azusa finds out that there is a strongly shining color in the world with a priceless value. He doesn’t know the meaning of attachment nor does he plan to find out, in fear of not being able to understand it. What Azusa does understand is so cheesy yet so cute Tsukiko’s smile.

I was getting goosebumps cause it was just that cheesy. =.="


Azusa… his personality is amusing to watch, but I wouldn’t want him to be paired up with Tsukiko. This question popped up when he said that he ditches his interests: What if it was romance? Heck, he would be an awesome little brother but… he seems like he would be a playboy if he had that laid-back attitude with a girlfriend.

Next Episode Preview:

“Ophiuchus I+II”

Love interest from the Drama CDs: Shiki Kagurazaka!



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4 Responses to Starry Sky Ep 23+24 (Sagittarius I+II): Azusa Kinose

  1. Lustri says:

    I wanna play Summer so baaad~ TT^TT All the guys seem soo… *just wants to play more otome games in general*

    ‘kay, so… I feel like all the characters in Starry Sky are somehow unbelievably talented at everything? It seems like they are all geniuses in some way, shape, or form.

    That aside, if I have a favorite pairing from Starry Sky, it would definitely be Tsukiko x Kanata. Mostly because I have played Spring so I like the backstory they have. But Suzuya’s seiyuu, Ono Daisuke, is my absolute favorite.

    Thanks for covering Starry Sky, Sakura. I love the pics you add at the end. :D

    • sakuraxxyume says:

      Lols, the characters? Nothing much was given for the characters other than the bishies. As for the bishies, yes, some but not all are kinda genius in a way (Suzuya, Naoshi, and Tsubasa aren’t that necessarily prodigal). But most of them who do are balanced out by another normal or bad trait.

      For Tsukiko…I would say Suzuya, Kanata, or Kazuki would probably be the best for her. The rest…I’ll keep for myself. LOL, jks ;D…except Yoh. I don’t really like Yoh >_>.

      Well, THANK YOU!! :) Imma go work on le finale now. The pics? They’re traditional in my Starry Sky posts. ^^

      • Lustri says:

        Tsubasa is so cute, I love his seiyuu~ but he is a tinkerer… I guess. Which makes him feel genius-ish. And in Spring, Suzuya is the big brother that has to babysit the other three, lols. That’s why they call him “mom” I guess. There were a few though that are, thankfully, not geniuses or prodigies (or what have you), like Kanata – which is why he’s my favorite.

        I don’t like Yoh, either. :( I mean, I don’t generally dislike Midorikawa as a seiyuu, but the way he voiced Yoh made my ears bleed. Plus he treats Tsukiko like a princess. Was my least favorite out of Spring.

        • sakuraxxyume says:

          Something about Yoh’s character annoys me. I just can’t pinpoint what it is…and the voice is so…high? I’m not sure either. He’s like…my least fav out of the entire series. >:O

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