[Completed] Dou Danjo!? // A short love story

Despite being only a 3 chapter long story, it’s turned me into a fangirl. And yes, I rage for more – BUT IT’S COMPLETED… and they didn’t even *lahh ♪ lahh ♫*  So enough of me ranting and spoiling everything, here are the basics.

Title(s): どう男女!?; Dou Danjo!?.
Release Date: 2007
Author: Hagi Warako (萩笑子)
Artist: Hagi Warako (萩笑子)
Genre: Comedy; Gender Bender; Romance; School life; Shoujo; Slice of life.
Available at: MangaFox.

Kudo Satomi: age 16, is quite the disorganized person. So one morning, she  forgets a note that she was supposed to hand in at school first thing. Satomi leaves her best friend (Mariko) to walk by herself and quickly runs back home to get it. Then, on the way to school, she accidentally bumps into a guy named Ooba Takeshi (who happens to be best friends with a guy that Mariko likes).

Once they look up at each other, they realize that they’ve swapped bodies. Also meaning that they have to swap phones, classes, houses and ultimately LIVES. At least until it is somehow reversed.

*Note: They’re pretty much EXACT opposites.

Shall I show you?

Anyway, aside from all that… Satomi’s aim is to encourage Mariko to date Takeshi’s best friend: Naoshige – the most popular guy in School. Since Naoshige is the most popular and all girls only ever take notice of him and not Takeshi, Takeshi is pretty much desperate to become popular (hence why there’s so many books on how to be popular in his room). As for Satomi, she’s extremely popular among guys anyway so nothing much for her to do other than to get a boyfriend.

Somehow, they must compromise with each other despite their extreme differences, and soon they will magically return to their original bodies. ‘Course they should get used to it first; never know when you’ll be back to normal. Just saying, bad habits are always BAD.

Satomi’s quest? To make Takeshi popular, to help Mariko get a boyfriend, and to get a boyfriend herself!

LOOLLL!!  I LOVE THIS!! Just wait ’til you hear the ending!!
Satomi did this and that and she did this and he did that and they did this and .. that’s misleading now. Just read for yourself. It’s a bit disappointing that it was so short and that the author didn’t bother to continue on… Nevertheless, there’s always fanfiction. That solves everything :)

Personally, I prefer the side-story much much much more~ Mushibana!

Oh! and some other shoujo manga I recommend would be High School Debut (or Koukou Debut). That one is really good. It’s about a girl named Haruna whose mission once entering High School is to be popular and have a boyf- okay that’s another review now. Well anyway, do take the time to read it!



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  1. Lustri says:

    This looks great. I’m going to have to check it out. :)

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