Cardfight!! Vanguard Ep 26+27 (A Stormy Beginning! The National Championship! + Jurassic Army)

As I have discovered, episode 26 was NOT the last episode of Cardfight!! Vanguard. Sorry folks! >.<

'Scuse I know you by any chance? o___O

Episode Summaries:

Episode 26 (A Stormy Beginning! The National Championship!)

Team Q4 and their self-proclaimed coach, Nitta, head to the Vanguard National Championships. While Nitta looks for a place to park, Team Q4 encounters Team Caesar (second to Team Foo Fighters in the previous Nationals and the winning team in the year before that).

From left to right: Usui Gai; Usui Yuri; Mitsusada Kenji (leader)

Later, Kai and Kamui start debating over the way that Vanguard should be played. Finally, Kamui asks the inevitable question.

That question was gonna be asked soon anyway. :/

Kai’s response?

Lol, that response was so instantaneous. xD

Kamui finally endures the climax of PMS mood swings breaks down and says that he can’t fight alongside Kai anymore. He bolts out and Aichi is about to chase him down and tackle him until Kenji intervenes and advises Aichi to fight harder so that he can reserve a position in the team for Kamui.

Therefore, they would lose their one and only chance of winning.

Episode 27 (Jurassic Army)

Ultra-Rare explains the procedures for the National Championships. Four teams will fight in four blocks in round-robin style. The top two teams, who will enter the finals, are chosen by performance. If there is ever a tie, the judges will see to that.

Psssshhhhh D;<

Team Q4 is sorted into Block A, meaning that they will fight first. Aichi decides to duel first, and Misaki second, leaving Kai with third. Before the matches start, the team meets Team FFAL4 (in other words, Team Foo Fighter). Kai seems to have a connection with one of the teammates.

Meeting of the two spiky haired cardfighters. LOL one goes up and one goes down

After that, Team Q4 fights against Team Jurassic Army. Aichi is pitted against Ryudou Gunji who has a Tachikaze deck (same as Izaki’s deck, a deck with dinosaurs). The fight turns out to be pretty decent and Aichi’s use of his cards has improved… a little. But the Nationals aren’t called the Nationals for nothing. ;) The episode ends, not with Aichi in a pinch, but with Aichi determined to win for the sake of Kamui.



With Kamui’s little fallout there, I am pretty sure that everybody in Team Q4 has some random thing that they’re not happy with in cardfighting and then they either go missing or have a bad moment (i.e. Misaki’s memory depression, Kamui’s breakdown, Aichi’s nervousness). Everything’s going to be gung-ho and happy after a few episodes, la la la. It happens everytime.

I have a feeling that Tetsu may have actually beaten Kai once. *dodges thrown tomatoes, bricks, and flower pots by Kai fangirls* Lol, Kai has fangirls? Cool story bro.

Next Episode Preview:

“Mad Dash Forward! Tachikaze Deck!”



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4 Responses to Cardfight!! Vanguard Ep 26+27 (A Stormy Beginning! The National Championship! + Jurassic Army)

  1. Lustri says:

    Awesome post was awesome. :D I loved reading this, didn’t have to make many corrections and I choked when I saw the caption “OMFG IT’S METALGRAYMON!”

  2. Joojoobees says:

    I was taken in by ANN and announced the series was ending at 24 a few weeks back ~ oh well.

    I thought the most interesting thing in the past couple episodes was (not Kamui’s hissy fit) Kai’s interaction with Team Foo Fighter. He says he doesn’t remember what happened. He also wigged out when Ren’s name was mentioned. It might have been Ren to whom Kai lost previously.

    • sakuraxxyume says:

      Then again, Tetsu said something about having a rematch with Kai…Lol, Kai being such a tsun, he might just be stubborn and “not remember what happened”. Maybe something happened with the both of them. We should find out soon. ^^

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