Thoughts on Kuroshitsuji 59: Who would have thought.

Spoilers ahead.

Butcher time.

Surprise, surprise! What do we have here? Yana Toboso has bewildered us all with her latest and utmost shocking – and not to mention, humorous – addition to Kuroshitsuji. We’ve yet again, stumbled upon another one of the said artist’s wildcards.


To be honest, I would have never expected for Yana Toboso to reveal the Undertaker’s face – ever. I’d thought that Undertaker would uphold his anonymity and ambiguity for the entirety of the Kuroshitsuji plot, but I’ve been had. We’ve all been had; dumfounded yet squealing in delight by such a flabbergasting progression in the manga’s storyline – and it’s a cliff-hanger to top it off.

And whatever of the Undertaker’s weapon choice? Could someone please explain what exactly is that…“stick(s)” he’s wielding?

On another note, what exactly is he? I’m somewhat doubtful of Toboso following suit with the anime adaptation in that the Undertaker will be presented as a retired shinigami. But if so and I’m proven wrong, it will most likely be in an unexpected manner. This is only a guess, but supposing Undertaker weren’t a retired shinigami, then perhaps a priest or monk of sorts? That would explain his appearance (if we ignore his madman expression) and why his “stick(s)” happens to have scribbles on it.

But regardless, this arc is by far one of the best. First, Ronald’s awaited debut, then Grell’s comeback, Lizzy’s zombie-slaughtering and now Undertaker’s face. Could this arc get any better?

Let’s not forget about the slapstick either. Uh-huh, you know exactly what’s ahead since the moment you read the title of this post. That’s right…

“The complete flame in our chests shall not be extinguished by anyone. We are the new incarnation of…”


All in all: I can’t wait till the next chapter.

– Serenata.

P.S For a great chapter summary visit The Royal Tea House, or Kuroshitsuji Manga to read the chapter for yourself.


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7 Responses to Thoughts on Kuroshitsuji 59: Who would have thought.

  1. I didn’t quite expect Undertaker’s face to be revealed in this chapter either. In fact, Lizzy’s awesomeness had caused me to almost entirely forget that Undertaker was even onboard. (─▽─)

    As for his identity… The likelihood of him being Buddhist monk is pretty high, if those sticks really are sotoba. (What is a Japanese Buddhist monk doing in 19th century England anyway? I DEMAND EXPLANATIONS!)

    A sotoba is a wooden board that acts as a grave marker for Japanese funerals (indicating the name of the deceased). Since they’re usually put up by the Buddhist temple, wouldn’t that make Undertaker a monk? Unless the sole reason for wielding the sotoba is because heavy gravestones would not make a practical weapon?

    Gah, I have no clue.

    • Well…He is an “undertaker” so I suppose if what he’s wielding are sotoba then it would make sense. But yes, him being a Buddhist monk seems likely – that’s what I thought at first when I saw his appearance, if we disregard his bad-ass leather boots (lol, man is the guy skinny) and face. Just look at those robes…and the beads! Is it just me or is his dressing fashion somewhat traditional asian-like?

      Moreover, wasn’t Japanese culture beginning to interest Europeans around the 19th century? That would explain why there happens to be a Japanese Buddhist monk aboard this ship. From what I know, the industrial revolution was occurring in Japan at the time (during the Meiji period) and their modernization was result of employing foreign experts. Additionally, many Japanese students were dispatched overseas e.g. Europe and America at the time. I’m not aware of all the facts but I’m sure it wouldn’t be surprising for a Buddhist monk to appear. I mean, look at Agni and Soma! They’re there aren’t they?

      I’m also curious about that scar on Undertaker’s face. One aspect of Toboso’s style which I find interesting is her lack of explanation about the supernatural. She’s left most of the work to the fan’s imagination e.g. you don’t see her writing stories about Grell or any of the other shinigami’s pasts. I doubt she would differ this for the Undertaker…or will she?

      • Hurrr.. That’s quite true. His attire is definitely inspired by the eastern robes! And it’s weird (did I even spell that correctly? Weird is such a weird word to spell…) how Undertaker looks heaps younger now that his face has been revealed!

        Unfortunately, I am not well conversed with history, so I’m not too sure about the historical accurateness. But it does seem reasonable for ‘foreigners’ to be in England during that time, after all, we’ve also had Germans and Chinese (Lau~) in Kuroshitsuji.

        Toboso sure likes leave us hoping for more background information on her characters. Though this may not be such a bad thing because it allows the fandom to think up of some creative (and occasionally, some crack) theories!

        I remember reading one crack theory about Snake.

        That he was the heir of Slytherin.

        • So it wasn’t just me after all! Undertaker does look younger now that he’s revealed his face, about the same age as Grell and Sebastian – early 20s I would suppose? Have you seen/read/played Togainu no Chi? If so, doesn’t Undertaker remind you of Gunji? The “wild” sort of guy – or perhaps it’s just cause of his bad ass scar lol.

          I wouldn’t mind it actually if Toboso decided to spend a chapter or two on one of the side character’s, just as long as it’s not Lizzy again. Her flashbacks are somewhat mundane IMO. Perhaps someone else like Viscount Druitt (LMAO if crossdressing Ciel appeared again) or … I don’t know; Grell or something. Anyone really. Just not Lizzy.

  2. Rita Kim says:

    My thoughts haha: It was hinted alot that Undertaker is a Reaper (The double pupils that is characteristic of Reapers, him being able to see cinematic records during the end of the Circus Arc and during the “Zombies on the Titanic” arc; the Scythe, his extensive knowledge of Death and the afterlife, and so on haha) Also alot of people have been commenting on his clothing: his outfit is similar to a “Cassock”, it;s a garment commonly worn by christian priests (how befitting lol). As for the Sotoba, I know they are Japanese buddhist grave markers and they have been drawn with him in some promotional images before his epic reveal (along with him holding a female skeleton which is actually part of his scythe).
    By the way, has anyone got any theories about the locket he treasures? It has the words: “Claudia P. 1866” engraved on it. I have a few ideas but utterly cliche lol

    • Plenty. There’s been a few thoughts circling about on the forums that perhaps Claudia P. is Ciel’s predecessor as a Phantomhive, or that she may be one of the Evil Noblemen shown all the way back in Chapter 32.

      Anyway, I’ve condensed all of my ideas into my latest Kuro post so check that out instead.

  3. Novella says:

    They’re Japanese Grave Markers, actually, those – that? – stick(s) he wields; alternatively named sotoba which is, of course, in Japanese. He’s still a Shinigami, as well.

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