Uta no Prince-sama Maiji Love 1000% Ep 3 (Knocking on the Mind)

Since the last episode was focused on Otoya, I think this episode focused more on that Yanagi Renji look a like Hijirikawa Masato!

It says "Hijirikawa Masato" and "Are you ready?"

Episode Summary:

The scores for the previous assignment have been posted and Haruka passes! Later, it is shown that Tokiya didn’t get a good score and his homeroom teacher says that he lacks “heart.” Later, Haruka sees Tokiya and apologizes to him for calling him Hayato.

My thoughts about Haruka are better now. ^^

However, Tokiya acts coldly to her as he thinks that Haruka is just trying to get buddy-buddy with him just so she can be acquainted with his twin brother. In class, Haruka is belittled by her classmates who think that she entered the school with connections instead of talent.

Lol, this happens a lot in dramas.

The classmates think even more so when Haruka is asked by the teacher to play the piano. Instead, Haruka’s hands cramp up. Even with all the rumors circulating around her, Haruka is determined to prove that she is capable and tries practicing the piano, but to no avail.


Masato then comes in and is able to comfort her indirectly by playing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,” a song that Haruka played every so often with her grandmother when she was little.

Fufufu~ things are going so fast for these young people. *strokes imaginary beard*

Haruka remembers the times where she played the piano with her grandmother and is finally able to play the said instrument. Afterwards, Masato sings a song for her:

It’s then revealed that Haruka was the one who first inspired Masato to be in the music industry. Masato was walking along when he heard Haruka singing with some kids. He thought that her singing was so warm and looked like she was genuinely having fun.

I hope the other love interests like Haruka for a reason other than that...>_>

Meanwhile in the distance…

You jelly? ;D


Awww, that was cute lols.

Ore-sama LOL I always wanted to do this is satisfied with the character development. :) I hope to see more in the upcoming episodes.

There’s something else I would like to share as well. The opening theme song is OK but I would never put it on replay. The ending theme… LOL. It sounds ok and sorta hilarious if I listened to it… once every two months? Also, I would never look at the movements that the characters make cause they just… O____O

Like the previous otome game anime adaption (Starry Sky) that I covered, Ore-sama shall include a pic spam. It seems as if this anime will have episodes that act as “arcs” for the love interests. According to my right brain, this episode most likely featured Masato more than others. Enjoy! ^^

The CGs are obviously different from Starry Sky’s. ;)


I decided to add at this since I was giggling like crazy when I watched this part. ^^ Basically, Otoya’s trying to bake a cake with Natsuki. Shou is dragged along this…

Shou, why are you always making that face? o___O

Lol, Otoya doesn't get it. >;D


Or something similar. ^^

Let us start the cooking show!

Lol, should I start taking notes?

I'd rather use a whisk but different people have different preferences. :D

*takes notes*...wait....OMGWTFBBQ O:< THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A CAKE

You did? I didn't catch that. >:D

o_______o Ummm, I think it WILL be safer if you use an oven...

I wonder how it turned out. ;D

The result is:


Syo is actually the other version of Shou.

In the end, you couldn't give her the cake. Ah well, Masato to the rescue? xDDD





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4 Responses to Uta no Prince-sama Maiji Love 1000% Ep 3 (Knocking on the Mind)

  1. Lustri says:

    This anime is so random sometimes that it is hilarious. I think it is improving in that way, and Haruka is becoming more likable. As much as I dislike her relying on the guys, it gives an opportunity for “arcs,” like you said. I’m hoping that each guy will get an arc and Tokiya will be the last, thereby being the one she ends up with. (Not because I necessarily prefer him although his seiyuu *o* but I think I like almost all the seiyuus in this one. It’s like heaven.)

    • sakuraxxyume says:

      The anime would be great if the creators could ride this momentum and make good “arcs”. Haruka might not need to rely on all the guys since she has that “persistence” factor. Lol, being last might not be necessarily the one who Haruka chooses. Heck, I doubt she’ll even choose anyone. :(

  2. The bishie with the glasses must be gay. Yup XD

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