[Finale] Starry Sky Ep 25+26 (Ophiuchus I+II): Shiki Kagurazaka

Our one and only remaining love interest: Shiki Kagurazaka!

Episode Summaries:

(A/N: Since this is the finale of the first anime I covered here, in The Otaku’s Blog, I felt obligated to make a post consisted of only pics and captions. Though most people understand through pics, I still think making those pics are the hardest and most time-wasting part of making a post but I’ll turn a blind eye to it this time for this anime. Hah, I’m pretty sure that you’re tired of my long summaries and blabberings as well. Don’t worry, you’ll still understand what happened. ;D)

Episode 25 (Ophiuchus I)

Similar to Kazuki's power.

Contrary to Kazuki's first impressions.

Yoh returns for the event ... *cracks knuckles*

Shiki names all of the seasons. Shiki: "First comes Spring"

"Summer comes after the Spring"

"The ever-changing Autumn"

"And the final season is..."

Every beginning has an ending.

Shiki's words of comfort.

"Don't be afraid of the future. You don't know what lies beyond the light."

Episode 26 (Ophiuchus II)

With every fun moment comes a lonely moment.

Yoh leaves for France first.

A parting for each season...

Homare graduates and Miyaji is placed as the new Archery Club buchou.

Iku leaves after serving as a student-teacher.

The final season...

Shirogane graduates...

...along with Kazuki.

I'm sure Tsukiko will meet them all again later in life even if she chooses one of them.

Shiki: "The seasons pass along with our miscellaneous feelings. Inside, we meet with our shining selves that haven't been released. Her future depends on whether she'll choose the path full of happiness."

Final Blabberings:

And there, my friends, is the end of Starry Sky. I was getting a bit emotional myself when everyone was leaving. There’s a few good life lessons here and there. I have a slight attachment to this anime just because it was the first thing I even blogged about. From the rocky beginnings to the successful events, I’ll admit that I’m sad to see this anime go. Hopefully, they’ll make a second season for the After’s?

HOWEVER, even if I am sad to see it go, I won’t put it on replay like I do to my favored animes such as Code Geass and Vampire Knight. :P

Enjoy my final (??) pic spam for Starry Sky!

Final Results of Love Interests (personally, not pairings ^^):

1. Iku Mizushima
2. Hoshizuki Kotarou
3. Tohzuki Suzuya
4. Nanami Kanata
5. Shiranui Kazuki
6. Homare Kanakubo
7. Miyaji Ryuunosuke
8. Hayato Aozora
9. Naoshi Haruki
10. Azusa Kinose
11. Tsubasa Amaha
12. Yoh Tomoe

~IKU~ I still like him even if he is a jerk. =3=

Final Results of Pairings (with Tsukiko):

1. Kanata
2. Suzuya
3. Kazuki

Hmm, you guys got a little busy I see. >;D

The rest…I’ll keep for myself >:D lols, jks. ;D



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3 Responses to [Finale] Starry Sky Ep 25+26 (Ophiuchus I+II): Shiki Kagurazaka

  1. Lustri says:

    I love that CG of Kanata and Tsukiko. >w< Honestly, I'd just love to see the games come to the States, or at least in English. Right now there's just Spring.

    D'aww~ I really like Tsukasa's seiyuu because he's voiced in such an annoyingly endearing way. This anime wasn't great; it had its ups and its downs, but overall, I don't regret watching it.

    • Lustri says:

      P.S. – Iku & Kotarou are my #1 too when it comes to characters~ Although probably in opposite order. Kotarou *o*

      • sakuraxxyume says:

        Lol, that CG of those two were so cute that I couldn’t resist putting it. ^^ I srsly want Autumn and Winter to be in English…Spring is in English? o___o *raids internet* The anime is something I would probably rewatch when a pang of nostalgia hits me…or something like that. xD

        My fave seiyuu in Starry Sky was probs Kazuki’s since it had this “ore-sama” feeling to it (I think I’m starting to have this strange fetish with ore-sama voices). :D I like Iku and Kotarou maybe because of their a little more mature than others. Just saying but both of them are hot. 8D

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