Uta no Prince-sama Maiji Love 1000% Ep 4 (Believe Heart to the End of the World)

I have learned two things while watching this episode. First of all, Ren’s voice makes my ears bleed while trying to rip apart a wall with very long nails. Two:

Lol, so true?

Episode Summary:

Haruka is watching her classmates practice dancing until Ren interrupts and starts flirting with her. Later, Shou comes to intervene, telling Ren that he should work on his lyrics assignment. The teacher joins in and says that Ren will be expelled if he doesn’t finish the lyrics assignment.

I would listen to him if I were you. =.=

Ren tries working on the lyrics on the roof, to no avail. He starts playing on his sax, eventually attracting the attention of Haruka, who discovers the lyrics he had written. Even when Haruka praises Ren for working, he believes that it’s about time that he left Saotome Academy. Masato overhears and tells him to leave if he doesn’t appreciate the music. Ren rips apart his half-finished lyrics (that fly away with a gust of wind~) and earns a punch from Masato.

HEADSHOT. Wait, it wasn't with a gun? WHATEVER, SAME THING. xD

Haruka promises Ren that she’ll find the lyrics. It is then shown that Ren’s father (apparently) hated Ren’s mother (a singer/celebrity). Ren’s only memento of her is a demo tape with a song dedicated to Ren when he was still inside her womb. Haruka is able to find most of the lyrics and continues her search.

I applaud your eyesight.

Little does she know that Ren didn’t even finish the lyrics. While Haruka and friends are looking for the lyrics, Ren gains access to the speakers and sings his now finished lyrics to the whole academy:

The episode ends when Haruka encounters Tokiya…

*inserts dramatic music*


GAH, my knee hurts~ TT^TT

Jinguuji Ren is obviously what I call an arrogant jerk-like womanizer. BUT HIS VOICE IS KILLING ME *O*. It makes me want to tear apart something really badly but at the same time, it makes me swoon and melt to the floor. @.@ That Junichi Suwabe voice always made me want to do that… Ditto to Shirogane’s voice from Starry Sky. 8D

Wtf...I personally think it would be more "sexier" WITHOUT the toungue sticking out...

I can just imagine Ren saying "You see me pimpin?"



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4 Responses to Uta no Prince-sama Maiji Love 1000% Ep 4 (Believe Heart to the End of the World)

  1. Lustri says:

    OMG that song was terrible. Just sayin’. I know there are bound to be those that disagree with me, but I’m with you – there is something about his voice that makes you want to tear your ears off. But it is sexy in a strange sense that leaves you wondering WTF just happened? That was my exact thoughts while watching – and woo hoo! I’m anxious for something to happen with Tokiya considering he has been noticeably scarce these past two episodes.

  2. Here I was thinking that Uta Piri wouldn’t be a replica of Starry Sky. Seems like I’m wrong. A bishie per episode? I wonder if there’ll be any actual romantic development with the heroine. I sure hope so.

    P.S That song was terrible, ditto. The dancing bit at the beginning of this episode also caught me off guard. I was thinking at first what in the world were they doing.

  3. Anonymous says:

    they should put the music compositions in it

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