Ikoku Meiro no Croisee Ep 2+3 (Cheese + Japanese Labyrinth)

Ah, I remember when I first ate cheese *looks off into far distance*…it wasn’t pretty. D;<

When I was three, I thought it was really solid ice cream. =3=

Episode Summaries:

Episode 2 (Cheese)

Yune finally enjoys a French breakfast with Claude and Oscar (Claude’s grandfather). Yune’s first impression: DISAPPOINTED.

In contrast to the "cold" French bread and cheese.

Still, Yune forces herself to eat all the normal French foods, including bread, cheese, and coffee. Claude notices that she dislikes the cheese and finds the coffee extremely bitter, but Yune still denies it.

Yep, she just denied that face...

Seeing that Yune is just drifting around the shop with nothing to do but watch him work, Claude decides to take her on a tour around Paris. Yune finds out from Oscar that the Blanche family had bought her kimono. According to Claude, the Blanche Family owns a huge department store and promotes mass production with the secret motive of closing down all hand-made craft stores.

After the tour, the two make pot-au-feu for dinner and Yune has trouble using a spoon. It is later shown that Yune is desperately trying to get used to eating cheese. The next morning, Yune learns how to buy bread from a bakery with Claude. During breakfast, Claude asks Yune why she constantly denies what she dislikes. Her response:

In other words, Yune just wants to fit in. Claude tells her to take her time and learn slowly. After the ending credits, a special scene was shown:

It all started with dry plums...

At first it was like this...

...and then it was like this. xD

Episode 3 (Japanese Labyrinth)

This episode begins with Yune and Oscar trying to explain what Japan is like:

They're talking about the woven hay that make the beds.

Claude's version of "hay beds".

A Japanese mansion.

Claude's version of a Japanese mansion.

You got that right! ;D

What the...

Actual sumo...

Claude's imagination surprises me. o___o

The ending verdict:

I hope that's just a first impression. :(

After that, Claude starts to work on a special order for a sign. However, he has no inspiration and is stuck on making the design. Yune shows Claude what a Japanese dining set looks like.


The scene then cuts to the Blanche family. One of the daughters of the family, Alice, is shown to be a Japan fanatic and wears Yune’s kimono. When her older sister tells her that the kimono was bought at the Galerie du Roy, Alice wonders if there is such an exquisite shop.

My opinion: Take it off...now. -__-

Back at the shop, Yune tells Claude that the reason that she wanted to go to Paris was that she had always admired it. However, Yune still doesn’t know exactly what to see and still needs to get used to living there first. Later, Claude sees Yune writing a letter to her older sister.

Even as he doesn’t understand the said language at all, Yune is able to inspire Claude at his special order by designing it to be similar to the kanji of Yune’s name.

Yune's kanji of "ne" actually means sound. Perfect for a music store. :)

Claude successfully sells the sign and proceeds to buy proper writing paper for Yune (she was just using scrap paper before). It starts raining and Yune brings an umbrella for Claude, also successfully navigating around Galerie du Roy. Claude and Yune meet and they go on another tour again. There’s another ending credits scene as well:

Her older sister told Alice that there were rumors of a Japanese girl in Galerie du Roy.


The ending credit scenes makes me LOL. ;D

I’m hoping that the next episode won’t just feature Claude doting on Yune again. I understand that it might get viewers to get used to the anime but three episodes is profusely enough. Since Alice was introduced, hopefully there will be more expanding on that character and some possible drama moments with her.

Another thing I would like to touch on: the supposed “romance.” I remember talking to Serenata about this. I, generally, wouldn’t mind seeing that in this anime. If there was romance between Claude and Yune, there just might be “LOLI” just flowing out of it… If Yune ever happens to wear one of those western dresses, then it would be “GOTHIC LOLI.” Lol, cool.

Next Episode Preview:

“Light Reflecting off the Water”



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