Ikoku Meiro no Croisee Ep 4-7

Caution: Randomness ahead… Well, I think it was random. It probably defies the definition of random but… SKYLIGHT. There’s your randomness. >:)


Episode Summaries:

Episode 4 (Water and Lights)

While Yune is trying to look for a bath, Alice Blaunche visits Enseignes du Roy to see Yune. Though Claude protests, Yune decides to have a play day with Alice in her mansion and takes a bath there. Alice makes many tempting offers for Yune to stay with her. However, Yune rejects all of them for the promise she made to Claude, to trust him.

Yah, and the promise to make beef stew...

Episode 5 (Lost Child)

Claude lectures Yune for being too nice to strangers. A kid steals from Enseignes du Roy and Yune chases after him. She loses the kid, gets lost, and is scared by Parisians. Eventually, Claude finds Yune.


Episode 6 (Crinoline)

Alice invites Yune over to take a picture with her and her older sister, Camille. Before taking the actual picture, Yune shows Alice how to properly wear a kimono while Alice is able to convince Yune to wear a dress containing a crinoline. After the pictures, Yune finds Camille to be interesting after she says, “Sometimes the things you want are out of reach.”

If you dirty that kimono, I WILL KILL YOU. D:<

Episode 7 (Skylight)

Yune gets another lecture for giving bread to the thief and has a quarrel with Claude. She gets sick afterwards and Claude feels apologetic. He also learns why Yune takes care of the kid. That’s pretty much it…

This is probably the wrong moment to say this but... YUNE LOOKED SO CUTE WHEN SHE WAS YOUNGER :D



I’m impressed on how this anime is able to continue without much of a plot. They introduced Alice and the drama lasted for only one episode. Now Alice is probably gonna be used as a running gag from now on. Other than that, I’d be amused to see any other use for her other than helping out Yune once in a while.

During Claude and Yune’s little quarrel, I noticed how they were talking about children. There’s nothing strange about that but Yune was talking about it like she wasn’t a child herself… That somehow leads me to believe that Yune might not be the child she looks like and (even if it’s a really small chance) might actually be Claude’s age… Maybe Yune is just that short for her age. >.> Ah well, this is probably just hopeful thinking but it doesn’t hurt to imagine~ ^^

It seems like Camille has some sort of history with Claude… I bet they’re the supposed romantic couple for the anime…If it is, my first impression: AW, HEEEEELLL NOOOO. Then again, my first impression might endure some kind of mood swing and approve but, for now, OVER MY DEAD BODY X.X


... O.o

Basically, Alice is trying to cure Yune’s cold and presses an ice pack on Yune… LITTLE DOES ALICE KNOW, in Japan, people sweat to cure colds…

Next Episode Preview:

“Children’s Room”

My death? Possible revealing of Camille and Claude’s history?


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