Denpa Onna To Seishun Otoko EP: 4 One Month to Mend a Broken Arm

OMFG. Imagine seeing that…!


Following the bike incident with Erio, Makoto get hospitalised and is left with a broken arm. While in hospital, he calculates what’s known as  his “Adolescence Points”. What are “Adolescent Points” you ask? Simply said, they’re points that are gained or lost throughout one’s adolescence i.e. basic day-to-day school life. For example, you can earn one point by chatting to girls or spending your lunch with friends. For two points, situations like talking to a girl that is the same age as you at a park at night would help. So yeah, with good looks and the right tricks you could earn over 20 points in your school life.

Since our poor hero is stuck in hospital, he’s lucky to be visited by Ryushi then Maekawa. Makoto drops the bombshell about him and Erio living together, shocking both Maekawa and Ryushi.

First Delusion.

Second Delusion.


Wow...what a reaction..

Two weeks later Makoto is finally discharged from the hospital and returns to where Mem is hiding. After this super weird encounter, he finally sees Erio again.



Probably one of the best costumes Maekawa has ever worn: The Eggplant.

Hmm…nothing really happened in this episode but I still enjoyed it quite a bit though.

My next cosplay will now be an Eggplant.

 Preview: The Melancholy of Thanksgiving.

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