Cardfight!! Vanguard Ep 28 (Mad Dash Forward! Tachikaze Deck!)

This episode just made me think “WHAT THE FRIIIIIIICK!!!!!” all the way throughout TT^TT.


Episode Summary:

Continuing on from the duel between Aichi and Ryudou Gunji, Aichi is left with 5 out of 6 damage and Ryudou with 3 out of 6 damage. With Aichi’s turn next, he must be able to scale a total of three damage to Ryudou before he can counterattack. It seems as though Aichi is successful…


… However, Lady Luck doesn’t favor Aichi and Ryudou gets a heal trigger. Aichi bets on a Damage Check but to no avail. Aichi loses the first round and Misaki is next. However, Misaki’s duel proceeds similarly to Aichi’s and her opponent is also able to get a heal trigger, ending the battle with Misaki’s loss.

Those two have similar names... Coincidence much?

With two consecutive losses, Team Q4 loses to Team Jurassic Army. Nitta tells Misaki and Aichi that they fought their best. “The Nationals push the fighters to the limit. The slightest imbalance can cause a tip in balance. That slightest imbalance is what we consider ‘luck’.”

Awwww. Team Jurassic Army are good winners :)


“So this is the Nationals?” was branded into my brain. After Aichi and Misaki lost, my brain could be summarized by: “GODDANGITTHATCARDDECKISRIGGED”.

But after a long while, I realized that what Nitta said was rather true, and for any sort of competition really. Luck can decide a battle when all sides have reached their limit. I hope that will not be the case for every future duel though. ^^ Cardfighting, in my opinion, are based on skills and luck only when necessary. Even if everything is against you, your skills and use of cards might turn the battle in your favor. :)

Next Episode Preview:

“When the Moon is Full”

From the looks of it, it looks like Misaki and Kai are definitely gonna fight.



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One Response to Cardfight!! Vanguard Ep 28 (Mad Dash Forward! Tachikaze Deck!)

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s nice to find someone else is interested enough to watch this series. Even with the similarities of yugioh and duel master, the similarity starts to feel less and less like them especially since there’s some realism in the protagonist’s lose streak.

    Keep up the post.

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