RANDOM UPDATE: The Disappearance of TOB’s Staff

“All These Things That I’ve Done” by Gideon.

Where ever have we gone?

In all honesty, I have no idea. Regardless, it doesn’t take an idiot to realize that there is definitely something wrong with this blog, or really, its bloggers. I mean, why else would a post by the name of Denpa Onna To Seishun Otoko EP: 4 One Month to Mend a Broken Arm appear now of all times? Er, yeah, clearly some things need explaining… along with other important matters.

So where should I start?

First things first: where and why the staff has gone MIA (the most of it anyway).

So rather than bombarding you with our overused excuses, here’s the truth: we’ve been on crack. I guess we can’t help it since the bad times just love to bite at us whenever and wherever possible. Hence we’ve reclined ourselves from blogging to take a few chill pills; only problem is, we – or technically “I” – have no idea when we’ll stop. Will we ever?

I have no idea. I have no idea. I have no idea.

Moving along.

What ever of Jacqivarius and me?

Yes, what ever of us? I’m glad you asked but since I’m far too lazy for my own good, here’s the answer:

I’ve been experimenting with episodically reviewing series for months and can firmly declare that the idea does not sit well for me or my fellow blogger and friend Jacqivarius. The monotony has led me to abandon ship and hence a different approach to aniblogging.

What motivates your drive?

In other words, I, along with Jacqivarius, have decided to “resign” from TOB. Notice the quotation marks. The two of us have started anew at Kirakuna but will continue to post here at TOB as guest writers (Thoughts on Kuroshitsuji 59: Who would have thought. was technically a “guest post”) though there really isn’t much of a difference in our management, save for the fact that we’ve decided to dedicate ourselves to a more “carefree” blog.

That’s an ironic pun by the way.

But rest assured: The Otaku’s Blog has yet to shutdown. Yet.

– Serenata.


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17 Responses to RANDOM UPDATE: The Disappearance of TOB’s Staff

  1. feal87 says:

    Good luck for your future. I’ll continue to keep an eye here… :)

    • Thanks :)

      Though I said I “resigned” – and I even purposely added the quotation marks – it’s not one of those “goodbye-I’ll-never-ever-see-you-again” sort of farewells. To be honest, I don’t even think it’s “farewell”, well, at least not for me. I’ll still be well and alive on TOB though most of my glossed-up and polished content will be spared for Kirakuna. Editorial style almost.

  2. Lustri says:

    School starting, in the honors program. Time = nonexistent. Spent the last two days holed up at the campus for at least eight hours. :( Good luck with your other blog, though.

    • I have no idea what a honors program is but thanks nevertheless. All these “good lucks” make me feel more detached than I actually am.

      • Lustri says:

        The honors program is like willingly subjecting yourself to a huge project in a class just so can get a nice H on your transcript when you finish. Looks good when you transfer, and I suppose would be helpful trying to get a job.

        But, well, I am glad that you will be staying to do guest writing. :)

  3. sakuraxxyume says:

    Wow… seems like I’m not gonna get a bday post next year either.

    Kinda stinks cause you’re the buchou person and ugh. Just ugh. I don’t have a good feeling that this blog is gonna last long without you pretty much. Good luck on your other blog I guess.

    • Kirakuna is more of a serious, editorial-based blog, I suppose. TOB will always be TOB – the fun outlet for all, sporadic content or not.

      So technically this isn’t a “goodbye” – well at least not for me. I’ll still be sticking around, posting every now and then, as well as helping out with the management of TOB like I use to… save for the fact that I’ll be less active. And yeah, that’s about it. No big changes on my behalf though can’t say the same for Jacqivarius. I’m not too sure about how he’s proceeding.

      Baka’s meant to be the new buchou but I have no idea what in the world she’s doing.

      • sakuraxxyume says:

        =3= I guess… if you say so…

        I’m in a blog full of strangers then (lol jks).

        I was also wondering if you can do us (mostly me) a HUGE favor and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WITH WHATEVER TOPPINGS YOU LIKE ON TOP, CHECK BACK ON US JUST FOR ONCE A MONTH. I REPEAT ONLY ONCE A MONTH. Just so you can probably hold co-management and visit? You don’t have to once I resign~

        • Yeah, no problem. I at last edited some of your posts … yeah, sorry for the wait.

          … And you’re resigning?

          • sakuraxxyume says:

            Naah. Not yet at least. (Lol, I just pissed off the rest of the members so much). I’ll consider resigning once I get into college (if the blog lasts as long). Five more years (that’s a lot) might be enough for me. Doesn’t hurt to be hopeful~

            • Lustri says:

              That’s a long time away. I hope you stay – you’re a great blogger and only getting better, Sakura. :) And you haven’t done anything to piss me off – I generally agree or like most of what you say.

              • sakuraxxyume says:

                Well, I’m happy about what you said. It’s just that I’ve never blogged before The Otaku’s Blog and let’s just say I don’t know how much longer I can last. You have no idea of how many times I thought of resigning before. It isn’t even one year and so much has happened here. ==”

      • baka-neko says:

        I’m not blogging anything atm. ASSESSMENTS. once Geo, Math, Pd and Commerce are over – i’ll be gooood.

  4. jacqivarius says:

    It’s a good thing that you posted this on Twitter else I may have missed it entirely; I haven’t been keeping up with either of the blogs. I recently caught a soccer ball with my face which happened to accelerate the severity of my impacted wisdom teeth. Painful extraction aside, I’ve been holed up in my room marathoning hundreds of episodes of anime and whatever books I have lying around. University begins in two weeks. >;o Also, sleeping early means limited interaction between us. =[ Gimme a few weeks.

    • Yeah, no probs. My final semester exams are just around the corner so I’m pretty cooped up myself. And ouch, that’s really painful. I’ve yet to experience such circumstances myself but I’ve heard from others that teeth and pain is excruting. Get better soon though and hopefully in time for uni :)

  5. Kimmichan says:

    Hey, guys!
    It’s been a while…I also said that I “resigned”, Anyways same excuse with everyone with assignments and school related stuff. But at the moment I’m caught up with music auditions for music schools and stuff and yeah…

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