Uta no Prince-sama Maiji Love 1000% Ep 5 (Full Throttle Chivalrous Spirit Go! Fight!!): Kurusu Shou

Please, children, do NOT try this at home :)

Nanami Haruka, what makes you think that I'm sure about the safety of Shou? LOOK AT HIM.

Episode Summary:

Following from the previous episode, Tokiya walks past Haruka (DON’T ASK WHY BUT I LOLED FOR NO APPARENT REASON) without a damn. Later, Haruka is playing with a black cat when Shou suddenly drops from a tree behind her. He tells her to keep it a secret. The next day, Haruka finds out from Otoya that Ryuga-sensei (the homeroom teacher from S Class) is starring in a movie.

Ummm... is this supposed to be manly? o_o

Haruka hears that Shou is a huge fan of Ryuga-sensei and proceeds to tell Shou the news. Suddenly, Natsuki ambushes the two and throws an oversized net at Shou Haruka learns that Shou has acrophobia. That would explain why Shou was climbing the tree moments ago: in hopes of curing himself of his phobia. The gang (Haruka, Tomochika, Otoya, Ren, Masato, and Natsuki) try and cure Shou of his acrophobia so that Shou can star in Ryuga-sensei’s movie, “The Prince of Precipices”.

Here’s the equation:

Precipices = High Cliffs.
High Cliffs = Heights.
Heights + Shou = Disaster.
Heights – Shou w/o Acrophobia = SUCCESS! :D

On the contrary, Shou gets even MORE scared. But of course, when in doubt, CONSULT THE ENGRISH-SPEAKING PRINCIPAL. ;)

Yeah... sure...

The gang finds out that Shou had a childhood experience: Natsuki chased Shou up a really tall tower with a butterfly net o___O and almost made poor little Shou fall off it…

Eventually, Shou decides to give up the role ’cause in really small fine print, it says:

Well, you could always crossdress for this~

Well, Natsuki can’t give up the chance, now can he? xD

Run. For. Your. Life.


Not much to say about this episode. I just watch this sorta for the kicks now since entertainment ensues whenever I watch Natsuki and Shou. Haha, I just wanna follow this anime and probably not care about how the plot goes. It’s a reverse harem, a good percentage of them don’t really have a real ending for the heroine. Ughhh, I bet someone is gonna scold me for it…

Just sayin’ but it would be BOSS if there was a reverse harem with the Three Kingdoms setting. I would kill to see tha. :D

Did I tell you that Shou actually has some kinda heart disease thing?


I should probably have written this a LONG time ago but I was too lazy to. Credits to the original owners of my random pic spams.

Shou’s “song”:

I don’t know but I’m guessing this is his song. It was for the Ryuga-sensei movie and… honestly, I have no opinion of this again. Has some Haruka moments here and there but… yeah…


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1 Response to Uta no Prince-sama Maiji Love 1000% Ep 5 (Full Throttle Chivalrous Spirit Go! Fight!!): Kurusu Shou

  1. Lustri says:

    You’re right – most reverse harems don’t have a real ending. Seems like this is possibly heading towards one, though? I dunno – not holding my breath. Shou and Natsuki are cute, though!

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