Cardfight! Vanguard ED 3 :「DREAM SHOOTER」 Sea☆A

Dream Shooter (Cardfight! Vanguard ED 3)

Quick Preview:

Ahh, I remember them from AFA X – the Moe Moe Kyun Meido Cafe Girls ~

Artist: Sea☆A
Release Date: 2011.08.10
Official Site: Sea☆A

Sea☆A stands for South-East Asia Stars Anime. They’re actually from Singapore and work at MoeMoeKyun Meido Cafe during AFA X or some other conventions. Some may know them as:
Hitomi [Beryl]

Miyu [Valerie]

Moe-chan (or sashimi) [Wynnie]

Tomomi [Estelle]


Cardfight! Vanguard ED 3:

This song seems alot like an AKB48 song which kinda puts me off (is not a big fan of ___48). If only Sea☆A had Miyake Wong with them ~ moe overload! They’re good its just that I’m sorta disappointed in their song… Estelle has a beautiful voice and I honestly think she might be better off as a soloist. But I guess with these kind of things, its best to kick-start with a few friends then disband as a solo artist. Click here for one of her covers.

Let’s give them a Moe Moe Power Up!! ^_^



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  1. Valence says:

    And I thought this blog was dead. . . . . . . .

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