Cardfight!! Vanguard Ep 29-33

MINNA!! I’m REALLY REALLY SINCERELY SORRY that I haven’t been updating on this anime. Q.Q Basically, school starts in… honestly, I don’t know. POINT ASIDE, I’ve just been REALLY BUSY with… trying to convince my cousin that I don’t have a boyfriend?


Episode Summaries:

Episode 29 (When the Moon is Full)

Team Q4 changes up the line-up with the strongest fighters going first to the weakest going last (Kai, Misaki, Aichi). Team Q4 goes against Team Muscle Brain <–Cool name bro.

From left to right: Kick Shuu; Punch Ken; Groundwork Snake...nice names...I guess...

Kai and Misaki win consecutively against their opponents, automatically letting Team Q4 take the victory. Things seem hopeful since Team Q4 only has one win and one loss. However, their final obstacle:


Episode 30 (The Strongest Team, AL4!)

It is revealed that Kai used to be in the same team as Ren. Team Q4 goes against Team Foo Fighter AL4. Kai goes against an arrogant and rebellious team member (even against his own leader, Ren) named Yahagi Kyou. Kyou posses a Spikes Brother deck (sportspeople?).

If Vanguard was based on size, Kyou would be perpetually known as: SCREWED.

Kai wins and Kyou is aghast by the loss, resulting in a frightened Kyou undergoing a hidden terror supposedly inflicted by none other than Suzugamori Ren.

Duude, seriously... WTF IS WITH YOUR EYES??? He makes the perfect antagonist btw. ^^

Later on, Misaki will be going against Narumi Asaka, the female member of Team FFAL4.

Episode 31 (Beautiful Assassin)

The first thing that Asaka says to Misaki is that she (Misaki) cannot win against Asaka with “that deck”. Misaki is slightly troubled but is able to gain an average lead with her memory ability and use of cards. However, Asaka and her Pale Moon deck (circus people) eventually wins, being one step faster than Misaki.

Asaka's "Nightmare Alice" and "Midnight Bunny" cards have a special skill. For example, if "Nightmare Alice" successfully attacks, it can trade places with an ally in the Vanguard's "Soul". "Midnight Bunny" is similar, however, "Midnight Bunny" trades places only when the card it has boosted attacks successfully. With this skill, Asaka can perform an consecutive line of attacks without stopping.

Eventually, it is revealed that this was the first time Asaka taunted an opponent, hence it being the first time Asaka has met a formidable match.

Meh, that's a good thing to know. :)

The episode ends as Aichi SHAOLIN SHOWDOWNS faces off against the last opponent, Tetsu.

Episode 32 (Demon World General!)

Team Q4, with one win and one loss, are dependent on Aichi to determine the end result. Aichi heads off against Tetsu and his Dark Irregulars deck (mostly supernatural/gothic creatures). Aichi is strong, but not strong enough to defeat Tetsu, therefore Team Q4 loses against Team FFAL4. The elimination round ends with Team FFAL4 having three straight wins and all the other teams having two losses and one win.

The total of Team Q4's wins and losses.

Through further judging, Team FFAL4 and Team Jurassic Army advance to the semifinals. Before Team Q4 leaves, Ren says some heartbreaking taunts at Aichi:


Ooh, Aichi just got PWNed... Really bad too...

You wondered what happened to the poor broke-down kid, Kyou? He was sent back to the FFAL4 Head Quarters OMFG THEY HAVE A HQ??? o___O for “retraining”…

Episode 33 (Blaster of Darkness)

Aichi sinks into depression after hearing what Ren said about him and thinking that he’s worthless and should immediately leave Team Q4. He and the rest of Card Capital watch the very final round of the National Tournament on TV. The two people facing off are: Suzugamori Ren from Team FFAL4 and Kenji Mitsusada from Team Caesar. Ren holds a Shadow Paladin deck (the “dark” version of Aichi’s Royal Paladin deck).

"Appearing from the everlasting darkness, Dark Spirits! Blaster Dark!"

Meanwhile, Mitsusada has a Dimensional Police deck. The duel results in Ren’s win. Team FFAL4 wins the National Tournaments for the second time. Aichi is (yet again) in depression mode after watching, Kai says something, and Aichi’s in “GUNG-HO IMMA WIN THE NEXT TIME” mode if only my nephew were that easy to please….

Keyword here: "yet"

I facepalmed... really hard... and my nose hurts...

Aichi runs back to Card Capital and Team Q4 decides to go train…in the beach…wtf…?



For those of you who want to know, one of my ten cousins decided that “it was time to get me a boyfriend” and I was pretty much swearing at him on how he was a dumb arse, I’m too young, he’s the playboy not me, I already have too many guy friends for my own good, education comes first etc. etc. yada yada lalala. The debate ensues…

Back to Vanguard, I was pretty fine from episode 29 to episode 32. Episode 33: I’m pissed at that24/7PMSingBoyWhoCanBeSoEverEasilyInfluencedByAlmightyKAI
&happensToUndergoDepressionEveryFewEpisodes Aichi. Seriously, Aichi’s character development is HORRIBLE. The only difference from the beginning of the anime and now is that he’s playing Vanguard and he’s a twitch more confident. But that is it… The inevitable decision I must make: should I continue following this or not?

Based on heavy mental math equations of my personal opinions, I’ve decided: Yah, sure, why not? Psh, I knew this was gonna happen. Yes, I knew thirty-three episodes wasn’t enough. He’s probably have some kinda development in another season or in another 50 episodes? If it’s never, I will laugh. LOUDLY. The rant up there? Hah, I just felt like ranting after getting pestered with the fact that I’m really the youngest in this generation of my family and my cousin still saying that I need a boyfriend…Apparently, he started dating when he was about my age…poor girls… because “rant” is a harsher yet related to the term “blabberings”. Fun Fact of the Day!

Next Episode Preview:

“It’s Summer! It’s Camp! It’s Vanguard!”

Kamui, I like your face there ;D



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3 Responses to Cardfight!! Vanguard Ep 29-33

  1. sakuraxxyume says:

    ^ More like he doesn’t need to know if I have a boyfriend or not. =.=

  2. Wow, I’m surprised that you’ve keep with this anime thus far, moreover since you’re going to continue doing so. Good luck and sorry that I haven’t been of any help… like a majority of us, sigh. Hopefully I’ll make a good comeback with Kuroshitsuji…

  3. Skyeclipse says:

    woW, based on the 1st review from you that I saw, it disn’t seem like you were gonna do more than that..Glad you gave it a chance n continued :)
    As for me, 2nd OP theme was great n I loved how hilarious the show was. I recommend you continue tho, you’ll understand when you watch the latest episode41 – Best episode ever. If you think Aichi sucks now, yes you could give ep41 a try n I’m so glad I stayed with the series :3

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