Ao no Exorcist: It hasn’t finished yet!

Fail. LOL!

Even though the epic series has finished, the blue flames continue to burn! (despite Rin’s many attempts)

According to the Ao no Exorcist Official Site, there will soon be an Ao no Exorcist MOVIE! What it’s about, I do not know but hell yeah it’ll be good ~ !

A little taste of what you will be expecting, click here for a short trailer if the Youtube video below does not work due to copyright, etc. issues.

Mephy is so ebil. Making us wait for more information “>_> *HMPH*



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16 Responses to Ao no Exorcist: It hasn’t finished yet!

  1. baka-neko says:

    Sorry about the video! I didn’t realise that the html didn’t work =3=
    Here’s the updated vers. ^_^

    • Didi says:

      LOL anyways thanxs for letting me know about the movie! if it wasnt for you i wudnt know about it! im a HUGEEEE blue excorsist fan thanxsssss! :D

  2. A movie?!! :O *thumbs up* (^-^)d

    • baka-neko says:

      I know right? RIN ♥ Can’t wait, especially because of the way they ended the series =3=

      • Yes the ending was . . .eh no comment.
        I do hope the OVa leaves us a bit more satisfied…and maybe this time without ghost rider LOL it was pretty funny though ^o

        • baka-neko says:

          LOL yeah~ I reckon the ending was a little cliche and bit too rushed.. Satan was being so kind and curios for a couple of episodes and now he’s a raging devil from hell. O_o
          I kind of wanna see a bit more of Mephy and Amaimon… they’ve been minor characters for quite some time. Do you think they’ll reveal to the Okumura twins that Mephy and amaimon are their brother? o_o Certainly make things interesting~
          EINZ ZWEI DREI!

          • HA HA yes it would…most definitely. I think that it is a most important fact that should not be left out…but didn’t they kind of figure that Amaimon was their demon brother? I forget…but if there’s another epic battle between demons :O all the better!

            • baka-neko says:

              Demon battles are EPIC >:D
              As for brother issues, I find it strange that none of them realised that Amaimon was with Mephisto. Amaimon = DEMON KING. It did not occur to them that he too may be Satan’s son. They’re really KY (if you get what I mean…)

          • Rin says:

            they had to end it early. it would still be going now if Bones Studio didn’t run out of money.
            Things cost too much money these days, Stupid money shortages T.T

  3. Anonymous says:

    i just started to read it but its sooo goood!!! i love it and i cant belive that the dude is actually the satans son!!! im so sycked i skipped a day of school for it:) lol its so awweeeesssooommmeee!!! i started to read it just two days ago and im on chapter 19!!!!

  4. LoLo Chan says:

    Yay~!!! OMG >< Is there really a movie for ao no exorcist ??? I'll see Rin again :D <3 but When ?? :/

  5. sami says:

    but does anyone know if they make another series? I know that the manga has gone ahead and ‘soul will continue?

    • baka-neko says:

      Most likely when the Manga is like wayyy ahead so they won’t have to put fillers and such. Hopefully they will. They left us with too many mysteries!!! ><

  6. Andrew Chen says:

    Even tho there is a movie, its a japan only release. Were in America, and not sure if there will be a dvd of the movie. SO how do we watch the movie!!

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