Uta no Prince-sama Maiji Love 1000% Ep 7 (Feeling Heart): Ichinose Tokiya / Hayato

Well, this episode was quite a bummer. This is the first time I was ever wrong! *flips hair*. Seriously, I’m just kidding about the first time wrong thing. It would’ve been cool if Tokiya would get jealous with an older brother over Haruka cause I’m too used to watching that in dramas and other anime.

I wish my school had an oversized lake... =.="

Episode Summary:

Haruka is doing well in her classes and she gains the respect of her teacher and classmates. One day, Haruka confronts Tokiya about “his secret” (the fact that he is Hayato). Tokiya doesn’t deny it and coldly rejects Haruka’s feelings of concern.


Tokiya is kicked out of S Class and enrolls into A Class due to his lack of “heart” while singing. It’s shown that Tokiya (Hayato at the moment) will not have a live concert as many people view him as more suitable for acting and variety shows. It’s then revealed that Tokiya first joined Saotome Academy so that he could transfer agencies. At this rate, the deal could be deemed null and void because of Tokiya’s current status.


One night, Haruka is walking outside until she sees Tokiya singing. Tokiya tells Haruka about his dilemma of “not being able to sing as Tokiya”. Everybody appreciates and adores the Hayato side of him but does not address the “Tokiya side of him”. However, Haruka thinks that Hayato and Tokiya are the same. She shares a “similar” experience where she couldn’t play the piano (and she was able to all because of Masato ^^).

Call me dense but I don't find your situation (of not being able to play piano) similar to Tokiya's dilemma AT ALL.

The thing is, it takes more than that to melt such a tsundere Tokiya. Tokiya rejects Haruka again, saying that they are totally different. School goes on normally… until Ringo-sensei tells A Class about an annual summer camp where the song-composers and wannabe idols decide who their partners will be.

Aloha anyone?


If you guys are wondering why this post took so long, it’s because I had to REWATCH THE EPISODE AT LEAST TEN TIMES. This episode didn’t really leave an impression on me like the others for some totally unknown reason… This is how my time was spent:

Me: Wait…Oh yah. That happened =.= Stupid me.

Wtf just happened again? o__o UGH. I have to watch it again… OMFG I GIVE UP.

The episode was somewhat boring. I went half-way and felt like watching dramas instead… =.= It just sorta dragged on for me… Hmm… should I make my list of preferences now?

Favorite Love Interests (so far…)

2. Hijirikawa Masato (His looks remind me of Yanagi Renji while his personality reminds me of Sanada Genichirou… I’m such a Rikkaidai fanatic -.-)
3. Jinguuji Ren (Meh, I only like him ’cause of his Junichi Suwabe voice~ @.@)
4. Kurusu Shou (The chibiness~ ^^)
5. The other two…


Credits to rightful owner(s) of pics.



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