[MV Review] Super Junior – Mr. Simple: RETURN OF THE SUPERIOR

On August 4, 2011, SuJu finally reveals their comeback music video, give or take a few, eighteen months after No Other.

Song Review:

The beginning intro was really contrasting to the main song in my opinion. While the beginning was soothing, Mr. Simple was more fast-paced and had a techno gist to it. However, the two fit well together. Being the last in the series of “SJ Funky”, the song is similar to Sorry Sorry and Bonamana in tune and style but different in meaning. Mr. Simple is a song that I have already put on replay, replay, replay~ SuJu KRY and Leeteuk’s voice pierced through me the most.

This is the supposed “summary” of the song found in the Youtube description for the MV:

-“The lyric describes the reality where modern people living in a complicated world failing to achieve what they intended to and losing their love and dreams without the breadth of mind in a simple way with humorous and metaphorical words, meaning “There is no need to take everything very serious. Simple and easy way can rather be a better choice for finding oneself” like the title, ‘Mr. Simple.'”

Dance Review:

It’s gonna catch on…somehow. SuJu’s dances always have. I don’t think it’s gonna be as widespread as the Sorry Sorry dance though. Lolz, whenever I bump into someone, I just break down and do the Sorry Sorry dance. HEETONGUE HAS RETURNED ;D. Eunhyuk’s dance break has always been the best. I like the idea of the glass breaking sound effects. Personally, I think some of the dance moves are a bit too awkward for my taste but it wouldn’t hurt to watch it. ^^ Lol, Heechul’s dancing is so laidback. He is truly the DIVA. Isn’t that why we love him? ;]


I truly believe this is Return of the Superior. I can hear the slightest autotune here and there but it’s no big thing to be pulling my hair about. Also… I can’t help to notice but…is Heechul the only one wearing shades? o.o COOL xD

It’s kinda sad that Yesung, Heechul and Leeteuk need to enlist into the army near the end of the year. D;< Until then, ELFs will need to patiently wait until they come back. Only then will they restart promotions for a new album. Heechul has already entered the military. There, he will spend four weeks in basic military training and twenty three months in civil work. However, before he left, Heechul did things such as: help in the song-writing of Orange Caramel’s Shanghai Romance, film for A-Cha MV, help in the A-Cha album and Mr. Simple Version B Album, and sing the duet between himself and Kim Jang Hoon: (“Breakups are so Like Me“). Heechul hwaiting!!

Ah well, here’s the lives for their comeback stage for now (미안!!! I can’t put all of the stages cause of copyright issues! >.<)

Superman sets such a…sensual feeling to the whole live. *o* I like the curtains as well~ Anyway, SuJu hwaiting! ELFs hwaiting! :)

Do you think this could be known as “Return of the Superior” or do you believe otherwise? Comment below~ ^^



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2 Responses to [MV Review] Super Junior – Mr. Simple: RETURN OF THE SUPERIOR

  1. Lustri says:

    I heard about them having to serve. :( Well, I haven’t ever been TOO into SuJu but this song is pretty catchy. And there is some pretty eye candy too~

    • sakuraxxyume says:

      Sad that all idols (or at least the male ones) have to serve eventually TT_TT. I personally found Sorry Sorry to have a catchier tune and dance while this tune and dance has more “simplicity” to it I guess… Eye candy? Please emphasize >;D

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