Cosplay How to Guide: Choosing Color Contacts ~

It’s been a while since I posted, seeing as I’m quite uninterested in the anime this season. Never mind that, why not put me to good use~ Here’s some cosplay tips ! How To Choose Color Contact Lenses

It's not that hard ~ Honest !

Color contact lenses change the color of your eyes to suit a cosplay or for beauty purposes. The most popular brands are Geo and EOS.

Geo lenses are the most popular and by far the cheapest (depending on the seller), but beware! Some sellers may give you ‘fake’ lenses which can harm your eyes. Geo have attached security check stickers, containing a 20 digit code, on the bottles so you can check online. If you’re not planning on using the lenses often, I’d recommend these.The cheapest are around $12-25/pair (depending on the seller) so once your done with it, you can throw it out.

EOS lenses are the most comfortable out of the two but come at a slightly higher price. Unlike Geo, they do not have security checks.Most Japanese Gyaru models use EOS lenses due to their large range and comfort (plus,, most of the lenses have degree). EOS lenses take a while to arrive, especially if you’re ordering with prescriptions (usually up to 2 months). These are usually around $18-30/pair (depending on the seller). Depending on how you care for the lenses, they usually last up to a year, though it is recommended to throw them out in about 6-9 months from opening. {-Choosing Lenses-}

  1. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, make sure you know your prescription. For those that don’t need glasses your ‘prescription’ is PLANO or ±0.00. Consider whether or not you will be using the lenses later on or just for an occasional use. *Note: some lenses in certain series are available in PLANO only. 
  2. Mio AkiyamaObserve your character’s eyes – the color and patterns. Let’s take Akiyama Mio as our example: Mio has grey/blue eyes with a little black rim and small highlights. Now search the Geo and EOS catalogues.
  3. Eliminate all the other colors thus leaving you with the Dark Greys and blues.
  4. Browse through either one of Geo or EOS’s catalogues to find suitable lenses. If your curious as to what they look like on a real person, feel free to go on Google Images and explore! It’s very helpful~ believe it or not.In this case, from Geo some of the lenses you could try wearing are:14 mm
    Angel Series – CM832; CM835 (as shown below) Olive Series – OL105  14.8-15.0 mm
    Super Angel Series – XCM212; XCM215 (XCM213 is technically green) XTRA Bella Series – WBS202; WBS205 To be honest, any of the XTRA series in Geo would do, but I’d recommend these ones because these colours are slightly darker and stand out a little more.EOS:

    14mmPure Series – V201 (these colours are really nice and natural so you don’t look like a bug-eyed freaked whilst walking around the convention centres)
    V202 – I believe is Hyper? I’m not too sure about that one. Not all of them have names ^^;
    14.5 – 14.8mm

    Max Pure Series – G201 (all the lenses here should have G infront of it)
    Barbie King Series – G202
    Candy Magic – G205
    Candy Sweet – G208

  5. Online shopping! Do take note. Some Geo lenses may be replicas so to be safe, click here for some fake lens busting tips~
    Personally, I buy lenses via facebook ’cause most of the shops are in my area and I can save on postage fees. Other than that, I’ve ordered from one that also ships internationally and that is: AsianStuff Shop. A bit more expensive than what I usually get them for, but better than nothing I guess?
  6. Taking care of your lenses is crucial. Before you open the vials, please buy Multi-purpose solution. Once you have done so, rinse the case in the solution and fill both sides half way. To open the vial/bottles, there should be arrows in the metal brim like this:Pour out the solution in the bottle, place the lens into prepared case and put the cap back on. Do the same for the other. DO NOT WEAR THE LENSES IMMEDIATELY. Let it soak in the case for 6-8 hours and then you may wear your new lenses!
    Note:The vials do not state left or right. The left or right is for (particularly those with degrees) distinguishing which lens you inserted into which eye. It’s recommended to use the same lens for the same eye and not alternating to prevent cross-contamination (in case you have an infection in one eye).You should clean your lenses after every time you wear them. There should be instructions on how to clean lenses when you buy solution.
  7. Enjoy your new lenses~!
    I hope this post has been that tad bit helpful~
    If you have any questions or would like some tips on choosing lenses for beauty purposes, just comment here or proceed to the ‘Contact Us’ page.

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4 Responses to Cosplay How to Guide: Choosing Color Contacts ~

  1. Dakuro says:

    Thanks for the tips, i always wanted to use contacts but just for fun, i like anime and stuff you know but in my country there’s not many people like in here so is not worth it to do cosplay…

    • baka-neko says:

      I know how you feel. Some people in my area don’t even know what anime is (SHAAMEEE ON THEM)! Do you have anime conventions over there by any chance? That’s probably the only time we get to cosplay with a large group of people. Anyway, glad to be at service! ;)

  2. Reebz says:

    Cosplay conventions look so fun. Unfortunately in Pakistan there is not much awareness about fictions and such characters except harry potter. I love the way you people dress up and cam-whore for cosplay. Lovely!

    I was just browsing for circle lenses and found that there are amazing cosplay lenses available here

  3. I think choosing colored contacts is very normal, it’s just like choosing the best shade for your eyes. And it’s really not a tough task, you just have to check shades those can match with your eyes.

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