Happy -belated- Halloween!

Are you.. AFRAID? >:3

  Otaku turns Orange for Halloween~!

Ehe ~ This was supposed to roll itself out automatically two days ago but I kinda forgot to ‘schedule’ it… ごめん ~! >_<“

The Otaku’s Blog staff apologises for our sudden absences for the last couple months. We have been struggling with schooling and studies, and as a result we’ve disappeared from blogging. But fear not! We are back, and soon alive and running as usual.

So today’s special post featuring our halloween specials are here!

Despite SilentSerenata’s disappearance, she’s taken the courteousy to bake us some
Triple X Formula Choc-Chip Cookies~ Care for some treats? >:3



Random Blabberings:
本当にごめんなさい !
(T/N: Really Sorry!)
The videos aren’t the very best (because not many people make Halloween amv’s…) so we’ve resulted in watching random Halloween houses!
Sadly, this is all we have left.


The Otaku’s Blog Staff 


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Candy please ~ ;3
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4 Responses to Happy -belated- Halloween!

  1. Cely_belly says:

    Yes Happy belated Halloween :D I would give you candy since you asked nicely, but unfortunately I missed my sweets this year thanks to my continuous hiatus- NUOOO~٩(×̯×)۶ I am candyless! that halloween video was a treat though…I didn’t know lights could talk! LOL

    • baka-neko says:

      LOL NEITHER ! I was shocked when i saw it :L
      and *sniff* my mum plans to throw out all my candy *sniff* in fact, SHE DID! I’d offer cookies but they’re a tad bit dangerous in terms of the triple x formula and its expiry date… Nevertheless,Care for some cookies? ^__^”

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