[Guilty Crown OP] ‘My Dearest’ – Supercell

My Dearest

From Hatsune Miku to Yanagi Nagi, Ryo never fails to bring surprises to his fans from around the world. This time he chose a 15 year-old girl with a really adult-like voice that made almost everyone in the fan base surprised at her range of voice. Now fans are asking ‘what will happen to Nagi?’  The answer is simple, she’s a guest vocalist and it is Ryo’s choice who he wants to sing. Not only is this Nagi’s very first solo debut with the anime “Ano Natsu de Matteiru”, ‘My Dearest’ single marks the 4th single by Supercell and the first with a different guest vocalist. This single was released on 23rd November 2011.

My Dearest

‘My Dearest’ tells the story of a girl who is giving everything to the person she likes even though the person ignores it. This song is the opening for Guilty Crown series and one of the best single openings I’ve heard. She overdid it when hitting the high notes, but still managed them. Her strong voice benefited the song mainly with the help of the rhythm and all in all, she did well on her debut with Supercell.


‘Daihinmin’ is seriously a downright scary song sung in moe voice, personally speaking. If you know what she is saying I am sure you are scared. I don’t know what Ryo’s thinking and even though this is a rock song he just made Koeda say that F word in the song itself. Koeda sung this song in rebel mode and moe voice which was kind of irritating at first (believe me, this is what I originally felt) but gets better after listening to it a few more times.


A short yet sad song and the last song in the single, this song is the story of a girl who was chosen as a guilty person and the singer asking God why she was chosen and asking to return back the girl. With Ryo on piano and Koeda’s voice, it’s a great piece of music with emotion running wild in the song itself.


From ‘My Dearest’ to the craziest and to the saddest, this song itself already a great single that shouldn’t be missed by many Supercell fans. It’s still a good start for Koeda, though I seriously don’t like when people start comparing her with Nagi when there is clearly too much difference in vocal rights, I must say Koeda did a damn good job for her first time.

– Lerorin


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About me? I am a guy and an university student who likes anime, manga, games, vocaloid, Miku and supercell. No.. I don't have any girlfriend xD
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3 Responses to [Guilty Crown OP] ‘My Dearest’ – Supercell

  1. meroron says:

    awesome information!!! XDD thank you

  2. I agree! The less hate on this new girl the better. I was really impressed by her range myself, especially when I found out about her age.

  3. Deejaycysh says:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXy56_KJ8X8 @@ This is my piano reprise on Perfect day

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