Thoughts on Kuroshitsuji 64: Fandom gives way to plausible, mindfuck theories.

This is no joke; when have I ever typed the f-word in the sacred space of a post title without screaming through each letter the utmost seriousness of a dangerous, eye-popping discovery?


If you have read thus far and am about to exit this page, don’t, for you are about to witness something far greater than porn (given that you are in your state of Kuroshitsuji fanaticism as of now).

For a complete  summary of this chapter visit The Royal Tea House’s post here.

Who is Claudia P?

It's my treasure

Following Undertaker’s ambiguous declaration, Kuro-fans now have their eyes on the mystery behind the lockets, particularly the one inscribed with “13 July 1866, Claudia P”. But in all honesty, when has the Undertaker not been ambiguous and what more could the letter P stand for? Unless Yana intends to screw with us, I’m assuming that it means none other than P for Phantomhive. If so, this brings us to question the true relationship between the Undertaker and the Phantomhive household – a relationship other than the one they uphold on the surface as partners of a funeral service. It’s a given by now that Undertaker shares a much deeper history with the Phantomhives than we had initially expected.

I’ve stumbled upon a few sappy thoughts regarding Undertaker’s recent actions and this Claudia person, some much funnier than others, and I have to admit, I’ve considered them myself. With Undertaker smiling in such a sincere and melancholic manner, it’s not surprising that sparks of romantic or familial wishful thinking where Claudia is possibly Undertaker’s dead lover, family or intimate friend, ignite in our minds. Some fans argue that Claudia may not be dead after all but with Undertaker intent on reviving the dead (i.e. him attempting to input a soul into a corpse, perhaps in order to revive Claudia?) as well as this…

“Now, a thing about the Victorian era and old London is that, it was quite a trend to keep a locket of someone on your person if they passed away” – Tanekura

… I’m assuming that Claudia is humanly dead, with 13 July 1866 as her date of death – the key word being human here. That leads me to ponder about the possibility of a demonic Claudia existing but wait, this is all too much to word vomit at once. If we were to apply the idea of Ciel’s dying as a human due to his rebirth as a demon (as depicted in the anime) with Claudia, would that not conflict with Undertaker’s intentions? … UNLESS, Claudia being a supernatural character is unbeknownst to the Undertaker!

… No, no; that’s too much to stomach and somewhat ironical – Undertaker unaware of his treasure’s state of being? Highly doubtful.

Either that or Undertaker’s actions are in fact for a different purpose entirely unlike the one I hypothesised. Urg, the mindfuck of this all.

Though the relationship between Claudia and the Undertaker remains a blur, pieces are beginning form parts of a puzzle for the Phantomhive household. Many fans speculate that Claudia is Ciel’s predecessor as

“In some previous chapters, there was a small picture showing the bloodline of the Phantomhives, with the ambiguous image of every ancestor in the family history, and if you look closely, the person that came before Vincent is a woman.” – Tanekura

If not, then perhaps Claudia P. is the woman shown back in Chapter 32? Perhaps each of those seven lockets may in fact belong to each of the Evil Noblemen?

evil noblemen

Then there are some other ideas regarding 13 July 1866 which might be a tad bit too coincidental…

  • It was a Friday; Friday the 13th
  • Many ships were known to have been involved with some form of catastrophe that day as listed here.

“… apparently, on July 13 1866, a large amount of cargo ships departing from England drowned in the middle of the ocean near New Zealand. This might just be a coincidence, but I’m becoming suspicious of it because of the recent chapters. If what Undertaker said is foreshadowing for the future, then it would directly refer to him seeing Ciel in a similar situation as Claudia–which happened. Because he is now on a ship.

The flaw in this guess is that the ships that drowed in 1866 were cargo ships. but you never know–because there might have been zombie corpses disguised as cargo, too. And if Claudia was on the ship, and Undertaker was there to collect her soul, then it would make sense a bit more.” – Tanekura

Could this mean something?

CONCLUSION: Toboso Yana is a puzzle mastermind. Her signature move is mindfuck.

More theories soon to come.

– Serenata.


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5 Responses to Thoughts on Kuroshitsuji 64: Fandom gives way to plausible, mindfuck theories.

  1. Rita Kim says:

    Wow that clears up what I had thought, I was stupid NOT to think P stood for Phantomhive -facepalms self- Yana-sensei, stop torturing ussss D:

    • I’m surprised by just how many theories have sprawled from such a small notion. There have been many appearances of lockets throughout the series, particularly with each noble to his/her own, though this will all most likely be explained in the next chapter.

  2. SukiNozuka says:

    Wow you just made me think! I just let Yana control my mind and make me wonder. Never tried to think about things. At all! You might be the only person who can tell what Yana is thinking owo

  3. bobtehwundrcat says:

    Has anyone considered that the gentle eyed Undertaker might BE Claudia? IThose robes are pretty ambiguous gender-wise.Perhaps she was the first Phantomhive to serve the crown.

  4. xXxStrawberry_JamxXX says:

    I started to think about your suspicion that Claudia P. is in chapter 32 but that doesn’t make sense. According to locket Claudia died on July 13,1866 and Chapter 32 is a flashback of Baron Kelvin visiting the Phantomhive house hold for the first time. Keep in mind Ciel is a young boy at the time. Ciel was born on December 14,1875. Which indicates that Ciel was born 9 years after Claudia’s death which makes it logically impossible for that woman to be Claudia unless the date is not a date of death but of some other event which I highly doubt.

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