5 THOUGHTS: Bleach Chapter 479


Since when did you become Captain again?

1) And thus the arc comes to close. The next question is, what’s next?
2) I wish Kubo-sensei would focus more on the setting and issues of Soul Society. I mean, that is where the majority of the cast lies. Particularly Shiro-chan. I demand more Shiro-chan (・`ω´・)!
3) It would be nice to see Ichigo being requested by the head to go to Soul Society and deal with the badass antagonists (given that they aren’t hellbent on becoming/being an ultimate pawning god like Aizen). Or even better, get the King involved somehow.
4) I wouldn’t mind seeing this duo again.


5) I still haven’t bothered myself with the anime. Despite it being up to date, there’s still filler episodes.

“Bleach will be on a 3 week hiatus and will return with issue 11; the most likely return date is February 1 2012.” – Bleach Exile

– Serenata.


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2 Responses to 5 THOUGHTS: Bleach Chapter 479

  1. Cely_belly says:

    I thought it was surprising to see Shinji back there. I’m more interested to find out the reasons to why these visords are back. And, I hope you get your fair amount of Hitsugaya :D

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