FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Kill Me Baby 01 – Anime that teaches you self-defence.


While the comedy isn’t as comparable as Nichijou, a twin-tailed assassin, a nonchalant ninja and an idiotic girl situated in the parameters of a high school life provides an appealing combination. Oh, and probably the tentacles shown in the OP too. But that’s just how comedy with the lack of a proper plot goes these days.

After the bomb.

Afros as a result of the bomb.

For a bit of summary, the idiot’s guide to mastering the art of assassination and ninjutsu is demonstrated by our chibi protagonists Yasuna, your typical masochistic high school female, Sonya the assassin and Agiri, the ninja with strange techniques. Since Kill Me Baby is a comedy, issues arise and things go haywire, the LOLs roll out, and it’s not long before the plot digresses, turning into nonsensical WTF.

Oh, and did I mention that the OP is a jumble of incomprehensible crap, much like the storyline itself?

Goofy characters and sketchy crayon art, filled with ridiculous scenarios, serve as the driving force for this episode, and most likely for the rest of the series as well. But let’s not forget: an evil mastermind is bound to appear, judging from the looks of the OP and the notion of an assassin and ninja running on school grounds. Those purple jelly-like squids and their array of tentacles will most likely appear too, and boost the show’s rating if the producers’ have laid the sexual humour out right.

There is much potential for black comedy but with the absence of sexual ridicule amidst its terrible plot, this series most likely won’t be on my thumbs up list. Moreover, there seems to be far too many instances in which I’m not drowning in laughter but merely thinking – rather dryly – “this is stupid”. And timeskips; there’s way too many timeskips in just one little episode.


Weird ninjutsu.

Will I continue watching this? If I’m in the mood for some comical nonsense, then yes. Otherwise, no.


Plot: D
Characters: B-
Graphics: C+
Music: D
Overall: C

Recommended for: Those who don’t mind watching comedy that is reminiscent of a Nichinjou x K-ON crossover.
Not recommended for: Those who can’t stand utter crap and zero plot.


The dread of having a cockroach squished in your hands.


– Serenata.


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3 Responses to FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Kill Me Baby 01 – Anime that teaches you self-defence.

  1. Cely_belly says:

    Ha ha. I agree. The nonsense is very funny. Unfortunately, i’m not in the mood for this comedy right now. I prefer watching the series in one sitting. I’m definitely keeping it on hold.

    • If you’re still in the mood for comedy and don’t mind following the current season, then I’ll definitely recommend Daily Lives of High School Boys. Though there’s no consistent or concrete plot like Kill Me Baby, the hilarity presented is overwhelming. Well, that’s what you get for watching a show that’s based on hormonal teenage boys chasing after girls and various other hilarious scenarios.

      • Cely_belly says:

        Kyaa! I just saw it too :D It was very hilarious. It’s similar to Kill Me Baby yet I find that Daily Life of High School Boys is a little more fast paced, which I like. Thanks for recommending it as well.

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