Irrasshaimase to Yorozuya!

By shrutianime

From L-R- Shinpachi, Gintoki and Sadaharu chomping Kagura

To all those otaku who haven’t started drowning in Gintama land yet, I have two things to say; firstly, you’re missing out on one of the best anime out there and secondly, watch it now and come back to this post after that…NOW.

As you all should know, Gintama is a very popular anime and manga series with manga sales reaching up to 29 million volumes as of December 2009 (yes, I’m quoting from our lovely Wikipedia here). The mangaka is Hideaki Sorachi and the animation studio is Sunrise. A comedy series, it is aimed at those who understand the Japanese jokes stuffed in it (i.e Japanese people and of course, us). Most of the people I know shy away from watching Gintama because it doesn’t have English dubs yet but that’s a big mistake. Dubs usually ruin the puns and feel of anime and I’m pro-subs so it’s perfect for me. Now honestly, how many of you have laughed at those Japanese puns tweaked to English tastes? I’m sure I haven’t laughed at even one of those poorly translated jokes, ever.

Gintama (Silver Soul) deals with Sakata Gintoki, an absolutely crazy and eccentric samurai with a natural silver perm who lives in Edo. A very different Edo. You get to see scooters and snack bars along with cabaret clubs run by transvestites who were previously samurai. Doesn’t that sound pretty interesting to you? Well, it does have the heart of Japan, this Edo.

Gin-chan along with Kagura – the super powered alien from the legendary Yato clan, and Shinpachi – the spectacled tsukkomi of the series forms the Yorozuya (a freelance business). The Shinsengumi (looked down by people as the dogs of the Bakufu) fight with as well as alongside Gintoki and his group leading to confusions out of this world. Add to this some other obnoxious characters with sad pasts and pathetic futures & rib tickling parodies of some of your favourite series, singers and actors and you get a perfect marathon worthy anime which you wouldn’t want to miss.

Watch Gintama Nao! :3

I’ve been watching the anime for quite a while now (need to catch up with the last few episodes though) and I say with all confidence, that all those who’ve begun watching this anime could never find the heart to let it go. Even though the series is pretty long, you keep wishing it never gets over. The humour never gets boring and stays consistent, sometimes getting over the 100% hilarious mark. Some arcs in the middle are serious ones which help preventing the comedy overpowering the series. Plus amazing OP and ED tracks blow your ears off, by DOES, Hitomi Takahashi, amplified, Captain Straydum, Tommy Heavenly6 and others.

So go watch now, or Cookie Monster shall EAT you.

Author’s Bio: shrutianime is a guest blogger from Whirlwind of Thoughts who writes about anime, manga and random stuff that interests her.

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4 Responses to Irrasshaimase to Yorozuya!

  1. baka-neko says:

    KAMPAI! TO OUR NEW -temporary- WRITER!! ^o^

    and yes i will be watching Gintama.. soon.

  2. Started watching this from scratch not too long ago. The setting is really bizarre – Edo crossovered with futuristic cars and hovering spacecrafts?! I’m finding it difficult to grasp such a weird concept but then again I’m only up to episode four ;D

  3. Cely_belly says:

    Hai! *Goes and watches Gintama* :D

  4. shrutianime says:

    Sorry for the late reply ^^”
    @Baka-neko Thank you! I guess I’m not as temporary anymore :P
    @Serenata Yes, very bizzare but it surprisingly retains its basic string of thought throughout the series. Doesn’t get boring anywhere
    @Cely_belly Hope you like it ;)

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