FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou 01 – How to pick up girls.

5. Boys and skirts.

Despite being a surprising collaboration between Square Enix and Sunrise, Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou is as its titles suggests: the daily lives of high school boys. Confined in an all boys school, the three main protagonists Tadakuni, Hidenori and Yoshitake presents the crème de la crème of classic but corny pick up lines – the ones that you can find only in galge (bishoujo and ren’ai games) and manga. From “how to get a girlfriend” to “cross-dressing with your little sister’s clothes” and painful ghost stories, comedy doesn’t get any better than this. Watching this after Kill Me Baby makes me feel very refreshed. Thumbs up for the wonders of hormonal, teenage boys and their way of thinking.

3. Anime about everyday life.

Though there’s no consistent or concrete plot to this anime, much like Kill Me Baby, the ridiculousness of high school boys makes one hell of a gag. With the prominent figures Sugita Tomokazu as Hidenori, Suzumura Kenichi as Yoshitake, Irino Miyu as Tadakuni and Hikasa Youko as the Literature Girl, we’ve got a seiyuu cast that’s just as brilliant.

1. Little sister walking in on older brother crossdressing with her clothes.

Little sister walking in on older brother crossdressing with her clothes.

“High school boys are really simple and curious creatures. They want one and only one thing: girls. But they haven’t got a clue about them. Male teenagers are dumbfounded by the girls’ thought process, actions, appearance and everything in between. They spend countless hours amongst themselves discussing and arguing their theories which are usually completely off base. If only they had the courage to ask them instead of screwing around and talking about nonsensical things, they might get somewhere.” – Manga Here

If you’re interested in reading the original manga, you can find that in the above link.

Will I continue watching this? Absolutely.


Plot: B
Characters: A-
Design: C-
Music: B-
Overall: B-

Recommended for: Those who adore gags involving teenage boys trying to impress girls and other “daily” scenarios.
Not recommended for: Those who find the thinking of boys too much to handle and would rather not go near such a landmine.

2. You're meant to eat bread!

7. Boys and nipple hair.

9. Maybe.

4. LOL

– Serenata


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14 Responses to FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou 01 – How to pick up girls.

  1. baka-neko says:

    EH? HIKASA YOUKO? Mio was the literature girl? O__O

    • Ikr? I loved it when Hidenori (the Tezuka lookalike) was pretending to be a girl in their little simulation this episode. That, and how Tadakuni was fooled into crossdressing. Most epic and comedic moment.

      • baka-neko says:

        LOOOL! Tadakuni cross dressing was the best! D; I feel sorry for his sister. It looked like he was doing some kind of rape-role play.

  2. Also loved the ghost stories part. Blondie had me cringing and shuddering with his nipple problem… Take home message? Nipples and razorblades are not a good combination.

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