Bleach is coming to an end?

I don’t know whether I should be rejoicing or crying at the fact that the long series will be coming to an end with a “final arc” as the manga declares. I was never a diehard fan to begin with but seeing the manga, and eventually the anime, reach its finale makes me feel somewhat forlorn as I would with any other long-running series that has at last come to an abrupt end. Though some arcs weren’t as great as the others, particularly with the anime and its seasonal fillers, Bleach undoubtedly had a brilliant cast of characters with each to his/her peculiar power and personality. Even the antagonists were to my liking as there were plenty who managed to earn my hatred for their twisted character and evil schemes to bring Soul Society, Kankura town and Ichigo and his gang to their downfall. This I will definitely miss.

But for now, I’ll like to see what this proclaimed “final arc” has got install for us. It would be a huge bummer if this series ended with a whimper and not a bang.

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2 Responses to Bleach is coming to an end?

  1. Cely_belly says:

    I KNOW!!! At first I was a little confused like wtf??!! But now I think I’m kind of sad. Bleach brought me and Ulquiorra together :3 AAHH -sigh.

    • Bleach bought all of its characters and their fans together; it’s quite the shame that such a long running series is coming to an end. I’m rather fond of Ichigo – he’s not as disappointing as most other protagonists.

      But I’m curious as to what Kubo-sensei will be working with after Bleach.

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