Downs of Being Semi-Otaku

Hi, I’m SleepySlacker (or Sleepy for short) and one of the new writers on the blog, Doozo Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu! Seeing that this is The Otaku’s Blog, it would be fitting to talk about Otakus. But since there are so many things to talk about, I will talk about the bad points.

Are you watching InuxBokuSS?

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a hate post or anything. I just want to talk about my experience as a Semi-Otaku (have not gotten THAT deep yet) and see whether I am the only weirdo that thinks that way.


As an anime watcher, I spend on average more than 3 hours doing anime related stuff, it may seem a lot to some, it may seem little, but 3++ hours out of the 16 hours I spend awake is a lot. If you take out school time and time spent doing other stuff, which leaves about 6 hours for me to devote to my other daily activities. Give or take a few hours listlessly surfing the net that gives me about 2 hours to do the work that I am supposed to do.

So time wise, anime does take up a lot of your time, unless you enjoy fast forwarding animes as you watch them. You might argue that with proper time management it can be done, but think about it, there are the currently airing animes and the already aired animes that you plan to watch. So if all that adds up, anime just takes a huge bite out of my already tight schedule of a student. So that’s one of the main problems anime gives me.

A short Moe commercial break!

People’s Opinions

Other than time constraints, another thing anime does is that it kinds of give you the mark of “someone weird”. When people realise that you watch animes that are neither Naruto or Bleach, they will immediately think that you’re someone weird. It can happen at so many different situations. Unless you are with fellow Otakus, the people around you will think you’re weird!

Sadly, it does not stop at “being considered weird”, there is also the much making fun of. Either the kind of people here are like that or this happens throughout the whole world? The stereotype seems to be that all anime watchers have no lives and are all shut-ins. There are definitely a few like that but I’m sure that not every single anime watcher is like that.

But the main point is, although it gives problems to me, the reason why I like anime so much is that it gives me so much enjoyment and fun, so heck what people say, I’ll love my interest and balance my work (Hopefully) I love talking about my interests, so pardon if I bore you. To apologise, I’ll end with a moe picture!

And as always, I will end with a moe picture! It's a tradition.

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14 Responses to Downs of Being Semi-Otaku

  1. Ritsuioko23 says:

    Lol bro just ignore people who think you’re weird for liking anime. Or just don’t tell anyone about it. It’s simple.

  2. shrutianime says:

    *nods head* I suppose we all face such problems in our anime filled lives… at least once. But the fun makes up for it!
    P.S I’m a new writer too, nice to meet you.. (haven’t caught you before have I?)

  3. Cely_belly says:

    Yeah it’s pretty hard to time schedule…balancing your priorities and anime is pretty tough.

  4. Canne says:

    You know whats wierder tha someone who starts watching anime that isn’t Bleach or Naruto??
    It’s someone who watch every anime except Bleach and Naruto…which is me >_<

  5. baka-neko says:

    Youkozo! ^_^

  6. First of all you, who cares what people think, if you live your life thinking that way, then youll always have uneccesary thoughts that will put you somehow down.

    Welcome! nice to see more people joining the blogsphere.

    • sleepynoyume says:

      I guess I always tend to notice people’s opinions whether they want to say it out or not, so I guess I just have to take it with a pinch of salt.

      Thanks for the welcome. I’ve been in the blogsphere for a while, just not known at all =D

  7. youare says:

    Sorry, I don’t follow you.

    • sleepynoyume says:

      it depends on people to people, so its okay. what i was trying to say that although it is really fun to love anime, it does end up affecting your daily life a lot

      • Lalallalalala says:

        I find myself split into 3person -_- no.1 When i am with my friends act all macho and cool, fights & etc… No.2 When i start playing my game, i get all excited and rage whenever i die or lose… No.3(The important part) I get all angry when people say vocaloid sucks and i read mangas in class using my phone and lets just say my life is pretty fcked uP… I have only 4 hrs to spare after school and sleep and sometimes 2 hrs. Its really hard to be a otaku and keeping it that way…… A true otaku is not self proclaimed and can only be recognized by others.

  8. Ceci says:

    This is so true sometimes. I remember when I was on a crazy rampage in Year 3 or something and decided to watch 20 episodes of Sailor Moon a day… XD. Still, I wouldn’t trade being an otaku for the world – it’s just so much fun!

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