Is everything coming to an end?


Why are the words ‘Final’ written after Bleach Episode 366? Someone better provide me with a good explanation…

It’s been rather peculiar lately, more so, this past week. I’m not to sure if our readers (if there are any) have noticed that our beloved ongoing and popular anime have recently all been ending together. This includes the seven above, as well as ten others. Ironically, the ones I wish to end, never seem to end (i.e. Sweet Precure and Aurora Dream); whilst my beloved animes’ such as Daily Lives of High School Boys, Chihayafuru and Bleach, came to a dramatic end.

Also, where’s my final arc Kubo Tite? Shouldn’t Bleach the anime be on-going? Last but certainly not least, WHY THE FINAL ARC?

Below is an excerpt (English is getting to me) from with various comments.

Ah, and I was looking forward to more Bungaku Shoujo…

I’d hate to admit, but I’m not particularly happy as to what is in store for us next/this season… for a quick peek, click here for a full chart.

<sarcasm> Yay. More Precure. This time its ‘All Stars New Stage’! <\sarcasm>

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13 Responses to Is everything coming to an end?

  1. You. Are. A. Genius.
    My thoughts exactly are expressed above i.e. dnd of major serialisation + no end of Precure = FACEPALM x infinity

    Btw, sorry this came out so late. Could u fix the tagging for Sleepy’s post? Pretty pleaseeee :)

  2. BD says:

    Apparently the Bleach manga is ending soon, as is Naruto. (One Piece is apparently never going to die, but I am happy with that since it is not as strict with keeping to a single storyline. Same with Conan, which I am also pleased with.)

    I’m not surprised Precure is still going, at least the seasons are kinda DIFFERENT and/or have new characters so it spices things up a bit.

    I’m also not surprised about all the 12-25 episode anime you circled, that is the normal length after all, even if most of them were great.

    Where is the Lupin show on that chart? I only see the OVA.

  3. Cely_belly says:

    LOL. It’s really sad…kinda had that same life is over thing for Bleach…winter was a good season…
    I agree this new season doesn’t feel as awesome.

  4. Mr. Slice says:

    Sad to see bleach ending, but bet once the final arc is complete it will get the inuyasha treatment. Remember inuyasha ending suddenly then a few years afterwards it finally got an ending. Looks like more anime this year are short 12 eps series.

    • baka-neko says:

      hopefully… i really want them to release a giant bleach manga + anime box set! (though it would probably cost a fortune…)
      Yeah i also noticed that too. You’d think beelzebub might be a proper long running series but it just stopped at 60. And as per usual, this season is pretty shit.

      • Mr. Slice says:

        I only watched 4 episodes of beelzebub, then I suddenly stopped watching, is the series any good? I see a full boxset for anime and manga happening in the future once the series is over :)

        • baka-neko says:

          Um.. I know i was the one blogging on it, it was okay at first but repetitive and I only watched up to episode 6… ^^”
          Can’t really give you much advice there ><
          Apparently the manga is better in terms of action and the anime has more gags (?)

  5. Reiseng says:

    Hey bro.
    This is only conjecture, but I believe that the Bleach anime will likely start up again once the manga is further ahead. They are probably ending it now because they don’t want to waste money on making fillers. That’s my guess anyway.

    As for the manga, yeah, it is in the last arc, but this last arc could last for a while. So, don’t start panicking just yet.

    Good Luck in the tournament!

  6. What hit me is Bakuman NOO I dont want it to end T_T

  7. youare says:

    What’s the point?
    That’s a false deduction. Wishful-thinking won’t get you anywhere.

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