DISCLAIMER: The Otaku’s Blog is a fan made, non-profiting website. Credits are to be given to its respective owner/s.

Welcome to The Otaku’s Blog!

It’s exactly as its name states; a blogspot by the fans for the fans (as the term ‘otaku/おたく’ in Japanese refers to people with obsessive interests – fanatics, in other words). While we are mainly dedicated to anime and manga, we also include a variety of random ramblings from our staff, such the latest updates on Japan’s music, drama, games and a hell lot more.

Feel free to roam around as you like and we hope you like what you see :) Rest assured; we won’t bite.Though we should mention beforehand that there’s a cookie monster on the loose. And please, do not feed the animals. If you would like to contact our staff for any reason, visit our CONTACT page for more information or simply email us at theotakusblog@hotmail.com.

– Staff of The Otaku’s Blog

4 Responses to About

  1. shrutianime says:

    Oooo I came across this blog late. Not too late though. Adding your blog to my blogroll NAO!

  2. neko-chan says:

    Thankyou! what a great blog! XD

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